You may not know that toothpaste has so many uses

You may not know toothpaste has so many uses.. Toothpaste is the people’s daily necessities life supplies.
Most people may think that toothpaste in addition to brushing no other role.
In fact, toothpaste is not only a daily necessities.
1, in the polished shoes, add a little toothpaste in the polish in the shoe polish, leather shoes will be more bright….
2, remove the tea cups and tea stains left coffee stains, can be painted in the cup wall after repeated scrub toothpaste, while you can bright as ever.?????????
3, easy to leave the bottom of the water faucet rust and scale, coated with toothpaste for scrubbing, and soon be able to clean up.. ?? ..
4, with a pen to write, such as the wrong word wipe toothpaste, rub on the net..
5, electric iron with a long time, will be left in the bottom layer of rust, can be cast in the bottom of a little iron toothpaste, gently wipe, you can remove.
6, silverware for a long time do not, the surface will appear a layer of black oxide, as long as the toothpaste to wipe, you can become silver and white.
7, clothing stained with grease does not matter, squeeze some toothpaste on the top, gently rub several times, then water, grease can be removed clean.
8, the fish delicious, but after washing the fish, the hands will always be difficult to remove the fishy smell, first wash your hands with soap, and then rubbed on the toothpaste repeatedly rubbed, washed with water after the smell of children on.
Easy to remove.
9, flashlight within the course of time the black mirror, with a small gauze dipped in a little toothpaste light rub, you can make it as bright as the new.. ?? …. ?? ..
10, can remove the surface of the watch scratches.

With a little toothpaste applied to the surface of the watch, wipe with a soft cloth repeatedly, you can remove the small striations.
11, remove the stain on the mirror on the wardrobe.

Flannel can be used to wipe toothpaste, stain that is in addition to.
12, the clothes on the ink, if not, can be repeated rubbing toothpaste, rinse with water, you can remove.
13, with toothpaste stickers, both solid and does not damage the wall.. ?? ..
If you want to remove, as long as the water posted parts of the wet, you can easily take down.
14, with a toothpaste to wipe the surface of stainless steel utensils, you can make it as bright as new.
15, home if naughty children, a little attention will be in the carpet, walls, sofas or doodles on the door, unsightly.. ?? .. …
Because children are mostly crayons, most of these color components for the wax or grease.
Therefore, as long as the point with a wet rag rinse toothpaste, will be able to remove graffiti.
16, stew things accidentally often spill the pot outside the dirty stove, then wiping cloth can be soaked in hot water, wring dry cover in the stove on the coke dirt, let it boring for a while, and soon the dirt will be.
Will soften the float.
After, as long as the use of nylon dishcloth dipped in toothpaste hard brush dirt, and then wipe clean.
17, eating grapes, cut scissors to the root part of the scissors, so that it retains the integrity of the particles, and soaked diluted salt water to achieve the effect of sterilization, rinse the grapes also left a layer of the surface of albuginea, can squeeze some.
Toothpaste, the grapes placed in the palm of your hand, gently rub, over water, they make the grapes completely crystal clear, eat up more peace of mind, 18, decontamination.
With a clean dry cloth dipped in toothpaste, wipe purses, to decontamination.
Toothpaste contains menthol, clove oil, ginger oil and other ingredients, there are anti-inflammatory, analgesic, Huayu and other effects, especially in the better effect of toothpaste….
19, a small area of ​​flesh wound, can be painted in the wound Department of toothpaste for anti-inflammatory and bleeding, dressing as a first aid.
20, by the time of burns, toothpaste can be applied a little wound, anti-inflammatory analgesic, to prevent infection.
21, by the bee sting or mosquito bites, itching unbearable, coated with a little toothpaste massage for a while, that is, itching swelling.
22, winter chapped hands and feet, can be painted in the gap at some toothpaste, to relieve pain, to prevent infection and promote early healing.
23, hands and feet If the cold, as long as the frozen surface is not damaged, can be used gauze dipped in toothpaste in the swelling at the friction, to help eliminate blood stasis.
24, born in summer after the prickly heat, in the bath, with a little toothpaste in the prickly heat and more parts of the scrub, and then washed with water, used several times, can relieve itching eliminate Rush.
25, the journey headache, dizziness, the temple can be coated with toothpaste in the temple, because the toothpaste in menthol, clove oil, can be analgesic.
26, toothpaste can cure athlete’s foot.. ?? …
After washing feet every day, squeeze a small amount of toothpaste smear in the athlete’s foot area, adhere to a period of time, peeling, edema, itching phenomenon will disappear, athlete’s foot can be cured.
27, a person with underarm odor, toothpaste, paint the armpit Department, can reduce the odor.. ?? …. ?? ..
28, men shaving, toothpaste can be used instead of soap, toothpaste does not contain free alkali, not only for the skin without stimulation, and the bubble-rich, and the smell of fragrance, people have a sense of cool and refreshing.
29, polished yellowed white furniture, white furniture, once yellowed, it is easy to give the impression that the old is not clean, yellowing is mostly due to direct exposure to sunlight, or use improper cleaning agent, it should be, it should be
take care.
Yellowing, you can use cloth dipped in toothpaste gently wipe, you can make furniture becomes white and bright.
30, modification of small cracks in the walls, bedroom wall, a small crack, the white toothpaste can be smeared at the cracks and modified formation, to be dry UNM Clothing later that is to say, that is to say,