Why do seagulls always chase ships fly

seagulls why the total chasing ship to fly


sailing ships at sea, generally accompanied by a group of white seagulls, and thus to the boundless expanse of the vast expanse of the ocean added to the infinite vitality and poetic.
So why do seagulls always like to chase ships?
This is because the ship sailing at sea, due to air and sea resistance, in the ship over the air to produce a rising air.
Seagulls trailing behind or over the ship, with the help of this rising air effortlessly hold the body to fly.

In addition, in the vast sea, small fish, small shrimp and the like waves waves wave forward waves stirred up confused, floating on the water, will soon be very strong vision of the seagulls found, easily to the
They eat.
This “sit back and wait” foraging mode, of course, the seagull’s smart move.