Which is best not to use cutlery

daily life, our most popular dishes is the ceramics.
Relative plastic tableware, cutlery to porcelain consumers more confidence.
However, you really do understand ceramic tableware? Ceramic tableware in the use of what needs attention?

bowl scratches will precipitate in the use of hazardous substances

ceramic tableware, if scratches appear on the bowl or dish, it is possible to expose
glaze porcelain dish.
If there are scratches tableware dress acidic, high temperature and other food, which is likely to precipitate heavy metals and other harmful substances harmful to human health.

If you are using poor quality, substandard ceramic products, harmful substances will precipitate, and with the food into the body, over time, can cause chronic poisoning.
Ceramic glaze color of lead compounds can be dissolved in acid when the food surface contact with utensils, lead can be organic acids in food dissolved out.

before using a new ceramic tableware, it is best to cook for 5 minutes with boiling water disinfection, and then use the vinegar soak at room temperature for 1 to 2 hours.
This is because in the face of a ceramic acids dissolve some of the toxic substances contained in tableware.
Do not worry ceramic tableware be soaked in vinegar a few hours, if found to be significant changes color abandoned.

cleaning ceramic tableware do not use a soft cloth with a scouring pad

cleaning ceramic tableware, and scouring pad, scouring powder, easy to damage its glazed surface, it is best not to use.
Meanwhile, in use, try not to long bloom acidic, oily, alkaline food, especially not the more oily food on ceramic tableware II & V again into the microwave to prevent the release of toxic substances.
Buy microwave oven with porcelain, you should avoid metal decorative products, such as with Phnom Penh, silver edges or Golden paper, metal wire, metal wire mosaic pattern.

dark colors do not buy cutlery

in the selection of ceramic tableware, first look at the product manufacturer and other information are complete, whether the implementation of standards; Second hand touch, to see whether the smooth inner wall, it is best not to vote for surface irregularities
injustice, blistering, or even a raised edge pattern glaze color tableware, do not select the inner wall of a pattern tableware.
Do not buy brightly colored and dark in color tableware.