What is the selection of litchi tips

There is a saying “three hundred lychees on the taste, made a long lingnan people”.
This does not, gourmet Eugène saw the lychee in the fruit stand listed, as long as the litchi that slippery and run the flesh, I want to buy some home solutions greedy.
Then how to choose lychee?

First, look at the color

No matter how fresh litchi, are not completely bright red, but with some variegated.
Fresh lychee may be red with green skin, may be red with white, with reddish red light may be, it is normal, this is generally more fresh. Cigar Store This is generally more fresh.
If the skin appears black or brown, then lychee has deteriorated, do not eat small partners to buy goods.
Fresh lychees, touch in the hand should be flexible, and slightly tight; so when buying lychee, you can gently squeeze it by hand to see if there is flexibility. “……
In general, if a little soft, but without losing the flexibility, it should be more mature litchi.
However, if it feels soft and not flexible, then the litchi has been cooked, or rotten.
Therefore, when the selection of litchi, try to choose those slightly harder, flexible.
Fresh smell of litchi has a taste of fragrance, if there is alcohol or sour and other unusual taste, that lychee may have deteriorated, and if the smell does not come out of the taste, it may not be ripe….
Therefore, when the selection of litchi, to choose a smell of fragrant lychee flavor.
4, taste the pulp

general, lychees can try to eat one or two of the.
Therefore, when the selection of litchi, you can peel litchi, see the flesh is crystal clear, if it is crystal clear, that is relatively fresh, if not, may be a little taste.
5, look at the peel and size

selection of lychees, depends on the peel above the crack piece, which is what we call the scales, if the small and compact slice, then the lychee has not reached maturity, if
Cracked slice is relatively large and regular, then the taste of this litchi will be relatively good.