What are the disadvantages of falling asleep?

many people accustomed to staying up all night and the next day’s lazy, in fact, under normal circumstances, adults sleep about 7 hours a day on it, the weekend can be appropriate to sleep Lanjue, but if the sleep time is too long,
Play a bad influence.
Sleep Lanjue What are the disadvantages it sleep Lanjue will disrupt the human body clock rhythms. “.”. “.” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “>”;
Normal human endocrine and various organ activities, there is a certain day and night law.
This biological regulation of the various physiological activities of the people themselves, people in the day energetic, sleep at night stable.
If the normal life to sleep on the law to the holiday, will disrupt the body clock rhythm, so that endocrine abnormalities.
For a long time, it will be depressed, depressed.
Sleeping Lanjue will affect the human gastrointestinal function….
General breakfast at 7 o’clock, at this time the food has been basically finished dinner, gastrointestinal due to hunger and cause contraction.
Love sleepy people prefer to hungry do not want to get up early to eat breakfast, a long time, prone to chronic gastritis, ulcer disease, are also prone to indigestion.
Sleeping Lanjue also affects their memory, reducing learning efficiency….
“Early to bed and early to get up early” is a good living habits, sleep on time, get up on time to make our body to achieve the best condition.
Week long sleep time will produce “weekend headache disorder”. “.”….
Sudden changes in sleep habits will be responsible for the hormone balance in the brain to form a strong impact on the hypothalamus, leading to hormone imbalance, causing headaches.
Sleep late will miss breakfast, resulting in eating disorders.