What are the contraindications daily microwave

microwave oven has become every family, no less cooking utensils.
Note, however, that not all foods can use the microwave oven Oh.
Here, we summarize the five kinds of food should not be placed in the microwave oven and microwave taboo.

five kinds of food should not be placed in a microwave oven

Fresh asparagus is rich in antioxidant nutrients, including vitamin C, including.
The study found that microwave heating will lead to the loss of vitamins in asparagus.
Because vitamin C and B vitamins belonging to water-soluble vitamins, stability is poor, water, heat, easily damaged when exposed to light.

breast milk.
Many mothers will breast squeeze bottles stored in a refrigerator, microwave it when in use, which may lead to one of the important nutrients is reduced.
Experts found that microwave heating breast milk containing dangerous E. coli 18 times higher than the otherwise heated.

Microwave cooking broccoli flower resulting in 97% reduction in antioxidants.
And with gas stove cooking broccoli can only lead antioxidants decrease of 11%.

Chili capsaicin is volatile and unstable, with microwave catches fire easily.
Microwave heating process, chili emit chemicals that can irritate the eyes and throat.

frozen fruit.
American magazine “bio-electromagnetics” published a study found that using a microwave to thaw frozen fruit easily lead healthy glucoside and galactoside into carcinogens.
The best method of thawing frozen fruit is a natural thaw at room temperature.

So, what are the common use of microwave taboo it

microwave nine big taboo

avoid heating the meat until half cooked and then heated in a microwave: Because bacteria in undercooked food will grow, then the second microwave
when heated, because time is short, it is impossible to kill all bacteria.
Frozen meat must first thaw in the microwave, then reheated cooked food.

bogey refreeze thawed by microwave meats: Because meat after thawing in the microwave oven, in fact, been outside layer of low-temperature heating, and at this temperature bacteria can multiply, although it can be frozen and then stop breeding
, but not able to kill live bacteria.
The meat has been thawed in microwave ovens, if then into the freezer must be heated until fully cooked.

Avoid fried foods: hot oil splashing may occur resulting in fire.
When the furnace as if inadvertently caused the fire, it should not open the door, and should be turned off until the fire goes out before you open the door to cool.

avoid overtime heating: heating or thawing food in a microwave oven, if forget to take, if the time more than two hours, you should not lose, in order to avoid food poisoning.

hanged ordinary plastic containers: Use a dedicated microwave containers containing food in the microwave oven, first, hot food will make plastic deformation of the container, the second is the ordinary plastic will release toxic substances, contaminated food and endanger human health.

avoid using metal utensils: Because the furnace into iron, aluminum, stainless steel, enamel and other utensils, microwave oven when heated with spark and reflected microwave, furnace and heat damage both unfamiliar food.

avoid using closed containers: heating the liquid should be used wide mouth containers, because in a closed container for heating food production cigarettes store not easy to distribute the heat generated, so that the vessel pressure is too high, can lead to blasting accidents.
Even when the boiling shelled food, but also advance with a needle or chopsticks to pierce the shell, so as not to cause heated burst, splashing dirty furnace wall, or splashing wounding.

avoid micro-oven placed Bedrooms: should also be careful not to overwrite the cooling louvers on the microwave oven use items.

avoid prolonged work in front of a microwave oven: After opening micro oven, microwave, people should stay away from the people or at least 1 meter outside the microwave oven.

proper use of the microwave oven, to keep in mind the above considerations, oh.