Wash face several times a day is better

wash the face of this action is that we all have to do every day, wash your face to wash away the dust and secretions, after washing the face of this friction action can also promote blood circulation, washed the face of the whole people are refreshing
Up, then the problem: the face several times a day wash better? In general, two times a day to wash the face is enough, oily skin, people can add one more time.. ?? ..
Morning and evening, the morning wash has great benefits, because after a night of rest, the dust in the air will be attached to the face at the same time in the whole night time on the face of the skin also secrete a lot of secretions, but also a long time,
Morning wash your face to wash away dust and secretions, so do not wash your face in the morning is not very good.
Sweat, secretions, dust, etc. will be very much, and some work will make the face more dirty, so the night wash is a must, but also in the bath when the time to take a shower,
Wash your face is also very convenient.
Wash your face should not be too much, too much will result in excessive cleaning, too little is not good, people look “shiny”. “.”..
In the face when you can use a cleanser to clean the face, this will wash more clean.