Volcanic eruption is how the case

volcanic eruptions is how the matter is not a volcano erupted “fire” mountain, which is a high temperature sticky material is sprayed, this material is called magma.
Volcanic eruption scene spectacular.
In normal times, tightly wrapped in the crust of magma, because of its high temperature, but also bear the enormous pressure of the crust, so a case of thin crust or cracks, the magma to violently out of the ground.

When the volcano erupted, accompanied by a huge roar of earth-shattering, rock climbing soaring, extremely hot magma as fiery incomparable fiery dragon, spewing out from the ground, swallowing all around, all of a sudden, a radius of tens of miles have been
Enveloped in a smoke fog.
Sometimes, due to volcanic eruptions, but also to make an instant standing on the ground between a high mountains, such as the equator near Mount Kilimanjaro and Cotopaxi Hill is the case; (www.aizhi5.com) Sometimes
, But also in an instant to swallow the whole village and town.

Volcanoes form below the surface, deeper, the higher the temperature, about 20 miles deep, the temperature is high enough to melt most of the rock.
As the rock melts, it expands and needs more space.
This high-temperature melting material will rise along the cracks caused by the uplift.
When the pressure in the lava tank is greater than the pressure of the rock above it, it explodes outwards to form a volcano.