Use sponge instead of soap box

The soap box next to the soap often left a lot of soap residue, until you want to clean, only to find the plug in the box hole, how the brush is brush can not afford, but the box inside the first plot of a pile of water,
Soap all the soap.

In fact, we can use a sponge instead of a soap box, a direct pad on the sponge, on the one hand sponge can absorb the soap of water, so that the soap to keep dry.

On the other hand, the sponge if the glue on the soap scraps, just use the wash can be used directly wash the desk can not only two or three sponge can be washed dry, clean, and even to clean the wash basin.

Look, than can only put things in the soap box, you can readily use the scrubbing sponge is not better to use it?