Traditional Chinese medicine to guard against the six taboos

Chinese medicine with western medicine compared to the side effects on the human body is very small, almost zero, but the three-drug, medicine is not really a little side-effects did not it? In fact, the side effects of traditional Chinese medicine, although very small, but eat Chinese taboos can not be overlooked
Let us go and see what it has traditional Chinese taboos!

eat Chinese taboos

bogey radish

when taking medicine, do not eat raw carrots, because carrots have a role in digestion and broken gas, in particular,
When you take ginseng and astragalus and other tonic effect of strong traditional Chinese medicine, when eating radish will seriously weaken the ginseng and other herbs tonic effect, thereby reducing the efficacy of the effect of treatment.
Cold food sex more cold, difficult to digest. “…
Cold food is also easy to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, affecting gastrointestinal absorption of drugs.
Eat traditional Chinese medicine, what are taboo food? Therefore, in the treatment of “cold” service such as temperature by the meridians, dispelling cold by wet medicine, or spleen warm stomach medicine, can not avoid cold food.

bogey tea

generally do not drink tea when taking the medicine, because tea contains tannic acid, tannic acid in tea containing more medicine with the same service will affect the body’s absorption of the active ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine to reduce the efficacy.
Especially taking & ldquo; gelatin & rdquo;, & ldquo; fungus & rdquo; when bogey and tea with the service, while taking make tannic acid in tea, alkaloids and other precipitation, affect the human body to absorb.

If you have a habit of drinking tea is a person, then I suggest you drink some green tea appropriate, if the non-drinking is not available, you can drink green tea in 2-3 hours after taking the medicine again.
Hot and spicy food and more hot, gas consumption of hot flames..
Such as taking heat detoxification, Yin liquid, cooling blood and other Chinese medicine or carbuncle ulcer sores and other hot venereal disease during treatment, should not eat spicy.
What food taboos? Such as onions, garlic, pepper, lamb, dog and other spicy heat of the goods have to eat traditional Chinese medicine, should eat, it will offset the effect of traditional Chinese medicine, and some will trigger inflammation, Shangyin moving blood (bleeding)

avoid greasy food greasy

multi sticky, help wet phlegm, stagnation gas Hua Chang, do not digest and absorb, and greasy food mixed with the drug more hinder gastrointestinal absorption of the drug active ingredient, thereby reducing efficacy.

while taking medicine, such as eating meat and greasy food, is bound to affect the absorption of traditional Chinese medicine, so the heavier phlegm, spleen and stomach, indigestion, hypertension, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, obesity and high blood viscosity and other patients more
Should not eat animal fat and other greasy things.
In general, traditional Chinese medicine is a unique aromatic smell, especially the aroma of dampness, aroma and qi of herbs, they are very volatile with the method of oil, to rely on volatilization to achieve the role of treatment, but such aromatic substances and the aroma of the material.
Xingshan smell the most incompatible.
If taking traditional Chinese medicine is not to avoid the smell of mutton smell, often affect the efficacy of. “..
What are the taboo food when eating Chinese medicine? Such as fish, shrimp, seafood fishy smell, sheep and mutton flavor.
For allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis, sore boils, eczema, urticaria and other allergic dermatitis patients, taking traditional Chinese medicine must not eat fishy smell of mutton, but also eat chicken, sheep, pig meat, crab, goose, etc.
Xingshan spicy stimulation of the hair thing.
Because such foods contain heterosexual protein, some patients are particularly sensitive to allergies, thereby increasing the condition.