Toothpaste 8 big magical effect

A bath with toothpaste instead of shower rub rub the body decontamination, both obvious cleansing function, but also make the bath after the whole body cool, there is the role of the prevention of prickly heat. ||| |||
Second, the summer body a long prickly heat, available water will wash at the prickly heat, rub a layer of toothpaste, prickly heat soon disappear.. ?? …. ?? ..
Third, a small area of ​​skin abrasions, local swelling, can be painted some toothpaste in the wound.
Fourth, the skin was mosquitoes, bees, scorpions, centipedes and other scare bite, the affected area pain unbearable, with a toothpaste wipe the affected area, can play a role in itching, pain.
5, man shaving, toothpaste can be used instead of soap, because toothpaste does not contain free base, not only to the skin without stimulation, and the bubble-rich, and the smell of fragrance.

Sixth, the human body prone to psoriasis in summer, cigarettes Sale Wash the affected area with water, dry, apply the affected area of ​​toothpaste, the treatment of psoriasis helpful.
7, summer some people love to make beriberi, if mixed with toothpaste and aspirin mix, applied to the affected area, there is anti-itching bactericidal effect.
8, summer people sweat more, collar, cuffs, etc. Perspiration is not easy to wash, as long as the rub a little toothpaste, perspiration immediately clear. 3.