To warm will affect people’s health

to warm the floor will affect people’s health? Let me discuss this issue together.

in the cold winter after the arrival of many friends in the micro-Bo, WeChat friends circle to see such a rumor: we have to stay away from warm, home to lay the floor warm may lead to leukemia, cancer, cardiovascular disease and cataracts appear
; The news of many of the winter must be heating friends in terms of, is indeed a very scary rumors.
In the end the laying of warm at home will have a bad impact on our body?

Which family to take to warm the health of our body will not be a threat, which from the heating mode,
Warm two ways.
The reason is very simple plumbing, hot water through the radiator, the principle of heat exchange through the heat so that we feel..
There are many friends in the process of laying warm to use the plumbing, in fact, put it simply, is to see the radiator buried in the ground only.
Electric heating is the current through the relevant heating equipment to produce the temperature, the temperature also heats the air, so in the life to feel the heat.??????????????

Whether heating or plumbing, we are using thermal radiation heating, heat radiation is equal to the sun, never heard of the sun will cause cancer, cardiovascular disease and cataract risk it! So, thermal radiation heating and drying
There is no essential difference between the sun.
There are many friends worry about the use of electric heating in the process of the family, the ground floor of the laying of a large area of ​​electric heaters may have a magnetic field or electric field on the potential impact of the body.
From a scientific point of view, any electrical use as long as the power, there will be a magnetic field and electric field, but as long as the power and energy is limited to a certain range, they emit radiation will not affect our bodies.
Related research shows that: the amount of radiation generated by electrical floor heating on the body as you eat a pack of pickles, and pickles in the nitrite for the body’s impact is the same, can be basically negligible. (Date: 2007-12-19)

The above is about the warm will affect the health of the discussion, the answer is not.
In general, the family in the warm, please rest assured to use it! But still have to remind you: the family is suitable for the temperature is 15 to 20 degrees, if the temperature is too high, your body will be uncomfortable.