To develop a good habit before going to sleep

Form a good habit before going to bed to help you live longer and healthier.
Take a walk before going to bed.] [/ B] [/ b] [/ b]
Calmly walk 10-20 minutes, will make the blood circulation to the surface, the skin after sleep can be “alive” and maintenance.
After lying down do not read books and newspapers, do not consider the problem, so that the brain activity decreased, faster into sleep.
Drink a cup of milk before going to bed with.
Ancient folklore such a word: “Chaoyao salt soup, twilight honey.”.. ?? …
“That is early to drink light salt water, drink honey water.
According to foreign medical experts, the milk contains l-tryptophan to promote sleep, 1 hour before going to bed to drink a cup of milk to help honey sleep.
Honey helps to maintain blood sugar balance throughout the night, so as to avoid early awakening, especially for the elderly often better insomnia.
Rubbed feet before going to bed. “..
Minyan said: “Hot feet before going to bed, victory over sleeping pills”, “feet before going to bed, wins the tonic”, “tree nourishing the roots, keep people feet” and so on..
Foreign medical experts called the foot “the second heart of the human body”, “heart of the pump”, is highly respected foot health effects.
The motherland medicine thinks, the foot more than 60 acupuncture points and the internal organs have very close ties.
If you can develop a daily sleep with warm water (40-50 ℃) feet, massage the soles of the feet and toes, can play to promote blood run, Shujin active, yin and yang to restore the balance of the role.
For the elderly, the more the effect of illnesses and fitness.
Ancient physicians proved more head acupuncture points, through the comb, can play a massage, stimulating effect, to Pinggan, Xifeng, Kaiqiao Shou God, pain and eyesight and so on….
Sooner or later with both hands combed to the scalp redness, fever, can clear the head of blood flow, improve brain thinking and memory, promote hair root nutrition, reduce hair loss, eliminate brain fatigue, asleep.