Tips to relieve bitterness bitter taste

bitter gourd is also called cold melon, alias Kam lychee, is used to summer heat to heat vegetables.
Cucurbitaceae annual herb, native to tropical Asia, widely distributed in tropical, subtropical and temperate regions.
India, Japan and Southeast Asia has a long history of cultivation.
China’s cultivation history of about 600 years, cultivation area from south to north expansion, is now distributed to most parts of the country.
Bitter gourd to melon meat, melon flesh bitter named.
Bitter gourd if cooked with other foods, fried, such as bitter gourd pork, bitter taste not into the meat, there are “gentlemen’s food” reputation.
[How to buy]

buy bitter gourd when the general appearance of smooth.
Surface tumor granules larger, strong and not soft and better.
Bitter gourd and white and blue points, more bitter blue, for salad or lettuce salad; white bitter light, suitable for frying or soup.
Balsam pear contains protein, fat, carbohydrates in melons and vegetables in a higher level.
Especially vitamin C content, up to 84 mg per 100 grams, about 5 times the melon, cucumber 14 times, pumpkin 21 times, ranking the crown of melons.
Bitter melon also contains crude fiber, carotene, bitter gourd glycosides, phosphorus, iron and a variety of minerals, amino acids and other nutrients.
[Medicinal effect] (

Balsam pear bitter cold, down evil heat, fatigue solution, pure heart and eyesight, Qi and impotence effect.
Fresh bitter gourd tea drink, the heat of heat stroke have a certain effect, and dry bitter gourd tea with the drink, to reduce blood sugar is very effective. “….

Eat bitter gourd, can relieve the fire, Chinese medicine that bitter can heat, can protect the Yin Ye, stimulate the secretion of insulin.
Bitterness of food and drugs its more cold, with cold treatment heat, to achieve balance.
People who eat bitter melon is not easy to get angry and not diabetes.

Modern medicine found that bitter gourd has an active protein, can effectively promote the body’s immune cells kill cancer cells, has a certain anti-cancer effect.

Bitter gourd contains insulin-like substances, a significant reduction in blood sugar, nutritionists and medical experts recommended for the ideal food for patients with diabetes.


bitter gourd can be fried, soup, bitter refreshing, the first bitter after the sweet, long taste.
If you are afraid of bitterness, bitter gourd and chili can be fried together, so you can reduce the bitter taste.
Or bitter gourd cut into pieces, and then sprinkle some salt on the above for a while, then the salt water filter out, so bitter gourd is not bitter.
You can also cut the bitter gourd into pieces, and then cooked, soaked in cold water.

[food taboo]

bitter melon contains quinine, will stimulate the uterus to shrink, causing miscarriage, pregnant women eat.
At the same time, bitter gourd cold, spleen Deficiency unfit for human consumption.

【Characteristic Food】

11219988711112199871111219982387 bitter melon stewed pork ribs, 250 grams of bitter gourd, pickled cabbage 200 grams.
Ribs chopped section, sauerkraut chopped; under the oil burst ribs, the next bitter melon pieces burst through the next garlic and sauerkraut burst moment, add soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, sesame oil.
And then a small fire Dunshu can be.