Tips for Handling Fishbone

1, swallowing orange peel: throat stuck throat, you can peel off the orange peel, block a little bit, with a slowly swallowing, can resolve the fish bones. 1, swallowing orange.
2, with vitamin C softening: small fish bone stuck throat, desirable vitamin C1 tablets, sublingual, slowly swallow, a few minutes later, the fishbone will soften and eliminate.
3, duck drinking saliva: take a duck, catch duck feet to let the tweet, outflow saliva, with a clean bowl Sheng, slowly drink moisture throat Cheap Cigars, small bone will soon melt.
4, drinking well water: Fishbone card throat, if not effective vinegar, can be in the morning the next day, drink a bowl of well water, you can eliminate the fishbone.?????????
5, drink olive water: olive nucleoside water service, you can eliminate the fish bone.

fish, the fishbone stuck in the throat, will cause a lot of trouble, if caused by fire, maybe to long-term medical treatment.
1, the smaller the fishbone, sometimes with the swallowing, naturally you can slide down the……
If you feel tingling, flashlight can be used to brighten the oropharynx, with a teaspoon of the tongue back down.
Carefully check the pharyngeal isthmus, mainly on both sides of the entrance throat pharynx, because this is the most easily stuck fish bone where, if that thorn is not big, not deep Zhade, you can use a long tweezers folder out.
2, on the smaller fine thorns, can also be used vinegar or Clematis decoction rinse, the effect is more ideal.. ?? ..
1, the larger or deep barbed fishbone, no matter how swallowing action, pain unabated, both sides of the entrance to the throat and if they are not seen around the fish bone, it should go to the hospital for treatment. 1,.
2, when the fishbone stuck in the throat, do not allow patients to swallow large buns of bread, pancakes and other food.. ?? ….
( Although sometimes this can be removed fishbone, but sometimes such inappropriate treatment, not only did not remove the fish bone, but to make it deeper thorns, but should not be removed, the more serious inflammation of the infection more trouble
3, if the big mouth pharyngeal fish bone thorn is still not out, they do not hands-on.. ?? …. ?? ..
Sometimes the fishbone has been out, but also left a thorn feeling, so wait to observe, if still feel unwell, be sure to go to the hospital for medical treatment.
This is the most appropriate treatment when the fish stabbed.
4, fish thorns throat statement is not correct, the majority of fish thorn in the tongue or throat at the entrance.