The use of iron wok.

iron wok wok Instructions

iron cookware is home to the most commonly used in the purchase and use, there are some problems that need attention.

when buying a wok, first look at the pot surface is smooth, and then see if there are holes and leakage.
Under normal circumstances, when using a wok just have some rough, it is inevitable, with a long time will become smooth.
Ear wok pan is best to use wood or other insulating material wrapped, this can be avoided during the operation because of high temperature wok ear burns.

new wok wok before use must first remove the smell.
You can add salt in the pot, salt fried yellow, then add water and oil in the pot to boil again.
To get rid of the smell, you can put a little tea in the pot, add boiling it.
To iron taste, you can put some potato skins to cook.

wok rust easily, not serving food overnight.
At the same time, try not to use a wok soup, so it does not rust wok surface protective layer of cooking oil disappeared.
When the backboard should be minimal Cleaners prevent this layer of cooking oil Cigars brand & ldquo; protective layer & rdquo; brush is best.
After brushing the pot, but also try to wipe the pot of water, to prevent rust.
If there is a slight rust, vinegar can be used for cleaning.

addition, should not use the wok cooking bayberry, hawthorn, crabapple and other acidic fruits.
Because of these acidic fruits contain acid, can cause a chemical reaction after encountering iron to produce low iron compounds may cause poisoning after eating.
Wok and cook green beans also hanged because Yuba tannin substance contained in the case of iron will happen after a chemical reaction to produce a black tannic iron, and mung bean soup to black, affect the taste and the body’s digestion and absorption