The use of chopsticks twelve taboos

Chinese people use chopsticks to dine down from ancient times, in ancient times, also known as “chopsticks”, the daily life of the use of chopsticks is very particular about.
In general, when we use chopsticks, the proper way to use it is to use the right hand chopsticks, thumb and index finger pinch the top of the chopsticks, the other three fingers bent to hold the chopsticks naturally, and chopsticks must be aligned at both ends.
In the course of the course, before eating the chopsticks must be neatly on the right side of the rice bowl, after dinner must be neat vertical yards on the middle of the rice bowl.
But this is absolutely taboo the following 12 kinds of chopsticks use.
This means that before or during the meal process, the chopsticks on the length of the missing on the table. 1, the length of the two short:

This approach is unlucky, usually we call it “short and long”.
Its meaning is to represent “death”.
Because the Chinese people in the past that is to be put into the coffin after death, in people loaded into the future, not cover the coffin cover, the coffin is composed of two short wooden plank, both sides of the bottom of a total of three long planks,
Piece of wood together to make the coffin is just three long and short, so that this is extremely unlucky thing.
This approach is also extremely can not be accepted, this method is to take chopsticks, with the thumb and middle finger, ring finger, little finger to hold the chopsticks, and the index finger outstretched.???????????????
This is called in the eyes of Beijing “curse Avenue”.
Because when the index finger stretched out in the meal, the total non-stop referring to others, the Beijingers generally extend the index finger to refer to each other, most with the meaning of blame.
So, when eating with chopsticks with your fingers, is tantamount to accusing others, which is the same with the curse is not allowed.
There is also a situation is the meaning, that is, when eating with others and use chopsticks to talk to people. 1, this method is not acceptable, the practice is to put one end of the chopsticks in your mouth, with the use of chopsticks.
Mouth back and forth, and when the hissing sound.
This behavior is considered to be a practice.
Because in the mouth when eating chopsticks itself is a rude act, coupled with the sound, it is boring.
So the general practice of this will be considered a lack of tutoring, the same can not be allowed.
This behavior is seen as a beggar begging, its approach is to use the chopsticks in the meal when the percussion bowl….
Because in the past only beggar with chopsticks to hit the pot, the sound of the mouth accompanied by the cry, so that pedestrian attention and give alms.
This practice is regarded as extremely under * things, by others despised.
This practice is to take chopsticks in hand, do no one like to use, with chopsticks back and forth on the table in the food tray to patrol, to know where the chopsticks as well. “….
Such behavior is typical of the lack of accomplishment of the performance, and no one is very objectionable.
This refers to the hand holding the chopsticks in the dish can not live in the push lightly, in order to find prey, like Tomb grave grave of the general.???????????????????????
This approach with the “fan chopsticks Xuncheng” is similar, are part of the practice of lack of education, boring.
7, tears chopsticks left bead:

In fact this is to use their own plate to chopsticks dish, the hand is not neat, the vegetable soup to other dishes or on the table.
This is regarded as a serious rudeness, the same is not desirable.
This means that the use of chopsticks reversed when dining, this approach is very despised, is the so – called hungry, so that regardless of the face, the chopsticks to make it down, it is absolutely not possible….

9, Dinghaishenzhen:

In the dining table with a chopstick to insert the dishes, this is not enough, this is considered to be a stigma of the same table dining staff.
In eating to make such a move, is tantamount to public in Europe, the meaning of the middle finger out of the people is the same, this is not acceptable.

10, the public incense:

is often out of good intentions to help others Shengfan, in order to facilitate the convenience of a pair of chopsticks inserted in the rice and handed each other.
Was regarded as disrespectful, because Beijing’s tradition is for the dead when fragrant to do so, if a chopstick inserted into the rice, is tantamount to being the same as the incense to the dead, so that the chopsticks inserted
In the bowl is never accepted.
This is often not the attention of the people, the chopsticks in the dining table when you pay *.
This is wrong, for the Beijing people think that playing at the dinner table, is on the same table all the other people deny, just as the students write the wrong job, by the teachers in the nature of playing the child, can not be accepted by others.
In addition, this approach is also their disrespect, because in the past to eat when the court for painting, it is undoubtedly deny themselves, this is not acceptable.
The so-called “ground shock God” means the loss of chopsticks will fall to the ground, which is a serious rude performance.

Because the Beijing people believe that the ancestors were all buried in the ground, should not be disturbed, chopsticks on the floor is tantamount to disturb the ancestors underground, which is unfilial, so this behavior is not allowed.
But this is breaking the law, but the chopsticks landing, it should be quickly with the floor of the chopsticks according to their own direction of sitting on the ground to draw the cross.
Its direction for the first thing after the north and south.
Means that I am not a thing, should not disturb the ancestors, and then from the chopsticks, his mouth at the same time that their damn.
As a ceremonial state and the ancient city, through the use of a pair of small chopsticks, you can let people see that his deep – seated.
Cultural accumulation.