The magical effect of toilet water

When summer arrives, there is the time to need toilet water.
Since the composition of toilet water contains a number of detoxification, swelling and pain medicine, then in life, which can be used to place the toilet water?

toilet water toilet water repellent containing repellent

bionic mosquito repellent material to make an illusion
, Loss of human bite desire, so as to avoid its difficult to take the wrong clothes will not harm the human body.
Easy to expose parts of the skin smear, change the body odor, reduce the chance of being bitten.
Out such work, particularly easy to use travel as long as applied in the exposed parts of the body, like a non-type & ldquo; & rdquo ;. nets
In the mosquito by adding a few drops of mosquito repellent toilet water, the better.

addition repellent effect, but some toilet water containing herbal ingredients & ldquo; & rdquo ;, Six God dope cool in the summer, to prickly heat, summer and other functions, can be described as & ldquo; cigarettes store a multi-purpose & rdquo ;.
Particularly suitable for children.

right amount of toilet water should be appropriate to use

smear mosquito bites often arms and legs; people with sensitive skin, toilet water can be dropped on the electric mat, or the oil cooler lid open on the bed, so that both repellent
But also to avoid skin allergies; to the children to use toilet water, so as not to stimulate the child’s delicate skin.

clean, shampoo bath itching effect

uncomfortable, often some of the toilet water drops in water, can play a good sterilization, itching.
For example, in the outside shopping malls or outing, his hands inevitably have to touch the public railings and handrails.
When you take the bus or subway, then can be dropped into the toilet water palm, rub your hands, it can play a very good cleaning effect.

soaked clothes can sterilization

masks and towels soaked with water Banpen mounted washbasin, toilet water trickle, wash towels, masks into which soak for 15 minutes; or masks to boil water disinfection, rinsing
After exposure to the sun, before using drops of 1 to 2 drops of toilet water, can play a certain bactericidal effect.

sprayed on the mat will feel comfortable

clean mat summer, people often naked and lying on the mat to rest.
Over time, perspiration will be covered with Liang Xi, people feel very uncomfortable.
If every day with a drop of toilet water to wipe the mat, you can make the mat to keep fresh and clean.
Of course, the best way to wipe the mat along the road for toilet water to penetrate into the mat of the mat gap.
In this way, cool, comfortable feeling will be more durable.

The above method can effectively help us solve some home problems, toilet water sterilization, cleaning effect, alcohol composition, this ratio is easy to penetrate the bacteria inside, so the toilet water has a certain degree of disinfection, sterilization effect.