The choice and use of perfume

Every woman has its own aroma, it is created with the temperament of the odor code, only your own.
The choice and use of perfume, it is an important feature of the style of a woman.
The spring of a woman with a hint of fragrance as well, it and flowers around the fragrance of incense complement each other….
Jasmine, gardenia, roses, basil floral flavor is the most admirable.
And any perfume, just spray to the body, are more rich.
To achieve such a faint effect, should pay attention to some methods.
Perfume rub the main cause of bad, mostly because the perfume rub too strong..
Use the same perfume every day, accustomed to the aroma, it will gradually increase.
On their own, perhaps just the scent, but for others, the strong scent may have produced a “smell of nuisance”.
Feel that scent is slightly less than it is the most appropriate dosage, so after the aroma of fragrance.
When they can not determine how much fragrance in the end, please ask friends and family around to help you judge.
“Perfume, English is wear” to wear “to that perfume is an invisible costumes, so wipe the perfume to wipe the body on a wide range of average.
Perfume is the “line”, the cologne is the “face” way to use, the lower the concentration of perfume rub the broader, the more clever.
The so-called “touch”, is the use of fingertips perfume rubbed a little bit on the body of the six or seven parts.
If the perfume concentrated in a place, the aroma is not distributed out more easily, but also easier to evaporate.
Appropriate amount of rub in each site, so that the skin can be slightly wet.
If you wipe too much, gently wipe with some cotton dipped in ethanol, the scent will not be too strong.
If you want to spray more widely, we recommend you use the sprayer, before putting on clothes, choose two or three parts directly sprayed on the skin.
So that the sprayer from the body of about 10 to 20 cm, so that the spray out of the perfume to form a mist, so that a wider range of spray.

If you worry about this will allow the body spray too much perfume, then the perfume to the air spray, and then through the fragrance, so that perfume falls evenly on the body, so that only a touch of fragrance.
So that the temperature of the warm aroma of the wind around, so the perfume rub in the lower body than the upper body is also ideal.
And away from the nose will not be irritating.
If the rub in the skirt, walking with the body when the fragrance of the swing, it will sway Health incense, add infinite charm.
If you do not want too strong aroma, the perfume sprayed in parts of the lower body temperature is one of the ways.
However, rubbing the perfume in the ears and the brain is formed within the triangle is a taboo, because the throat around the skin is very sensitive, and too close to the nose will bring too strong irritation to the nose.

If you want to play the best effect of perfume, so you gestures can distribute charming aroma, we must understand the correct use of parts: the ear is usually the most commonly used, high temperature and not affected by UV;
Also very good, if it is long hair, you can cover with the hair to avoid ultraviolet radiation.
But not sensitive to the skin of the people, it must be depending on the individual’s condition may be; clean hair, you can put perfume in the hair, as long as gently swing head, filled with charming aroma.
However, when dining with people, it is best not to rub perfume; elbow inside the body temperature is high parts, as long as the elbow will move the aroma of fragrance; to participate in dinner fragrance, rubbing the following parts of the waist than rubbing in the exposed
To the skin, but also to make the fragrance with the limbs, the fragrance wiping in the wrist vein, this part of the body temperature is high, and often activities, is easy to distribute the aroma of the place; fingertips are very
Easy to stained with a variety of flavors, I hope in this place stained with perfume to become your habit.
Especially those who smoke, do not forget the fingertips dipped in perfume.
But be careful not to smell everywhere; the inside of the knee cast perfume, make you stand up, from the bottom up exudes aroma.
Complement rub perfume, the direct wipe on the stockings on it.
But if you put on stockings, first in the legs, knees and ankle rub the inside of the perfume, so that the aroma is not only elegant and durable;
Will exudes a touch of fragrance, if you want to fill the perfume do not forget this site.