The benefits of drinking water in the morning

Early morning drinking water, the body is both a timely compensation, but also an effective purification. The early morning drinking water, the body is both a timely compensation, but also an effective purification.???????????????????
This is the medical recognized health habits.
1, drink into the water to wash the body, remove the pollution. 1,.
Environmental hazards of human harm is carried out unconsciously.
A variety of harmful toxic substances, and some through the chain of chain reaction and concentration of accumulation, and ultimately into our three meals a day necessary for food, vegetables, fruits and meat, eggs, milk; some direct invasion through the respiratory tract and skin
The body, the potential accumulation of human poisoning.
Early morning drinking water can effectively remove these pollutants, to ensure cell metabolism.
2, the intake of water to nourish the body, dilute the blood, lower blood viscosity, effectively prevent cardiovascular disease patients in the morning of the accident, prevention of heart disease and stroke; can dilute the urine, the savings of solid poison dissolved overnight
Urinary excretion, both the urethra to prevent urinary tract infection, but also to prevent urinary tract stones, but also the timely discharge of carcinogenic substances, to avoid the occurrence of bladder cancer.
( and can also keep the skin UNM Clothing skin moist and flexible, protect the skin, to achieve the purpose of beauty.
3, add moisture: the human body at night when sleeping from the urine, skin, breathing a lot of water consumption, the morning after the human body will be in a state of physiological water shortage.
One night the body of water loss of about 450 ml, morning water can add to the loss of body metabolism of water.
4, to prevent constipation: the morning after drinking water can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, moist intestinal, soften the stool, promote the excretion of stool, prevention and treatment of constipation.
5, washed the stomach: the morning after the gastrointestinal has been emptied, then drink water to clean the stomach, dilute the stomach acid, reduce stomach irritation, so that the best gastrointestinal state.
6, sober brain: wake up to drink water will soon be absorbed into the blood by the intestinal mucosa, which can effectively increase blood volume, dilution of blood, lower blood consistency, promote blood circulation, prevent cardiovascular disease, but also let
The human brain quickly restored awake state.
7, beauty beauty: the morning after getting up for the body of water, so that water quickly transported to the body, help blood circulation, but also help the body toxins from the body, nourish the skin, skin water Lingling.
8, water through the small intestine, in addition to most of the absorption, the remaining part into the colon into two;
At the same time, but also reduce the incidence of hemorrhoids.