Ten simple life tips

Foreigners living rich enough, but also very exotic, simple pleasure, to see what you can do a few?

1. country walks instead of a conventional gym

many people will choose to go to the gym, where there is a special instrument, as well as aerobics
And yoga and other courses, but the general gym is always expensive annual fee.
It might be fun to give up, to participate in short-term into aerobics or yoga classes, such movement of the site do not ask, then you can learn the same exercise at home.
Better choice is to go on foot or cycling to the outskirts of travel.
Note that, to the outskirts of wilderness hiking and must be professional, experienced ALICE counterparts, and all with a good first aid and communications equipment, just in case.
Cycling tour, the best choice for a flat road, if there is the outskirts of the Great Lakes, the circle around the lake, the lake breeze was blowing, the most comfortable.

If you think these two tired, but also to the outskirts of picnic, fly a kite or digging wild outing, close look at returning to nature.

2. Clean superfluous things, simple interior decoration

overcrowding does not necessarily mean the area is too small, there may be too many things piled up.
With the purchase of more furniture, to place more and more items, it is better to completely clean up a new space.

old items can be classified, or donate, or on the network as a second-hand goods sold.
After cleaning the room, may seem too simple, then you can do simple decoration, cost is not too much.
For a curtain, bed sheets, the color of the room immediately will be a new look.
Cactus, small gold fish tank are also cheap and practical small furnishings.

3. Since the drama instead of cinema

keen eagerly looking forward to blockbuster release, line up to buy movie tickets for you, ever thought the theater moved to her living room? You just need to invite two or three friends, play several printing, a few cups of tea
, Some homemade snacks.
The fee is not much, personally involved, fun, do not have to worry about losing freshness soon.
If you are interested in performing more than a dozen friends, you can also join or organize their own folk grassroots troupe.
To participate in open-air square performances, or for special groups for charity, both serving the community, but also get to know a lot of like-minded friends, for your life to open another piece of the sky.
Reading bars, cafes, cinemas, theaters and karaoke OK, reading can be regarded as a rare way to save money on the way….
In the sunny afternoon, sitting on the balcony; or the dead of night, turn on the lamp, an orange light pouring out.
Open your beloved books, immerse yourself in the world of fictional characters, through time and space, laughing or mourning with them.
Read, read the newspaper, I do not forget to actively contribute to.
Supplement columns and readme stories, are likely to accept the submission, the contribution to the style and publications to be consistent, so that the probability of publication will be higher, the received royalties can also be used as a source of funds for the next book.
If the balcony is large enough, you can set aside a piece of land dedicated to fill the soil, planted vegetables or small fruits, such as peppers, cabbage, leeks, parsley, grapes and so on.If the balcony is large enough.
, Etc., can bring some green, you can also add an organic table for the delicious environmental protection.

bring their own mixer, you can drink fresh juice at any time, more than twice the outside cheaper.
Home with an oven, you can also make a variety of cakes, biscuits, snacks, and even supermarkets have cooked food, can also be home-made, both cheap and fresh and interesting.
For the outdated clothing, you can choose to mercy, not lost, because popular as a rotating stage, often set off a wave of another wave of retro tide.????????????

do-it-yourself, old clothes after some cutting, you can re-radiant.
For example, the students of the white dress, cut short skirt, laced with metal texture, matched with a novel Smart belt, immediately transform the new high waist skirt.
A clothing to wear, not only can save a lot of home installation fees, but also in the “permutations and combinations” in the experience of the old and new look of magic.

7. change the means of transport, select the green travel

In the economic downturn, to give up driving, or rent a car out, after all, a good choice.
Another good way is to do “part-time driver”, to send the same fellow to commute, shared oil costs and vehicle maintenance.
Many of the city subway connections, and most of the office building gathered in the subway along the subway has many advantages: fast, convenient, punctual, cool in winter and warm, do not worry about the car when the sun and rain, not easy to find because it does not.
To the station.
If the distance is not too far away, you can also choose a bike, electric cars or motorcycles as a means of transport, in the enjoyment of the sun, breeze, free travel at the same time, but also exercise.

8. Participate in community activities, pay attention to free exhibitions

Schools, libraries and cultural institutions often organize free lectures, play free movies or organize a number of exchange activities.
Such information can usually be found on the BBS of these cultural institutions’ websites and schools.

In addition, the commercial building, the city square is often held without the need for tickets to attract visitors to the exhibition traffic, many of the exhibition novel and quite tasteful.
For example, urban sculpture exhibition, oil painting exhibition, thematic photography exhibition, and sometimes small concerts.
9. timely charging, self-DIY technology

Depression period should reserve strength, timely charging to cope with the possible arrival of the crisis in the workplace.

For those who have been unemployed, take advantage of this idle time just charge, you can apply for graduate school or study abroad, you can report a remedial classes for the next step in the preparation of a new career.
In addition to vocational aspects of the charge, self-study some DIY craft is also a good way to sneak in, for example, to create their own bookshelves and other simple furniture, playing sweaters and stitch tablecloth, can adjust the amateur life, you can save a shopping fee.

10. to do “fight off” family

economic crisis on the “fight off” family, it can be said at the right time, great useless.
“Fight off customers” are almost nothing to fight, fight car, fight room, fight sports, fight wedding, fight shopping, fight tourism, can save a lot of money.
Between the neighborhood turns cooking, can save a lot of time.
Children with families, parents can take care of their children, or in accordance with their own good at their children to counseling homework, is also a good way to save money.