Teach you how to save tea 5 tips

love tea friends whether to worry about how to save tea?
How can we keep tea longer?
Here to introduce a few tips, so that love to drink tea friends are able to save tea for a long time.

First, the tea wrapped in thin kraft paper, layered placed in the ceramic altar around, and then put lime bag in the middle of the tea bag, full of sealed altar.
Second, one kilogram of charcoal into the bag, and then into the altar of the bottom of the altar, the tea will be packaged into a hierarchical layer above the charcoal, sealing the altar….
Third, the tea will be bought into the new thermos bottle, and then sealed with white wax bottle….

Fourth, the sealed tea bag into the oxygen with a thick plastic knife cigarettes store, oxygen scavenger in a day or two can absorb the oxygen out of tea.
5, the new tea into a good sealed iron tea cans, and then into the refrigerator, long-term refrigeration, the temperature maintained at 5?.