Steam Iron Proper Usage

iron as a standing small household electrical appliances, it is more frequent use, but you use the best iron to note the following aspects: 1, in order to avoid scale, should try to pour cold water.
2, according to a variety of different materials choose the appropriate temperature.
If you do not know the clothes cloth, you can first find a place to see when you try to dress clothes look, from the cold gradually began to increase.
3, to wait until the water temperature to adjust the temperature, the start ironing, or water leakage from the floor. 4.
Please note that this does not mean that the iron failed, but only the temperature is not enough, can not sublimate the water vapor, and outflow from the floor.
4, the use of steam smoked spray, temperament fiber to restore elasticity, due to grinding pressure reflective fabric can be restored to its original form. 3.
Such as the side of the steam, while brush with the brush to the opposite direction, the effect will be more desirable.
5, ironing clothes, do not immediately into the closet, the first hang in the hanger, so that after the full evaporation of heat and then hung into the closet, so as not to mold, rot.???????

6, has produced scale, can use the automatic cleaning function of the automatic cleaning of the iron, such as the absence of this function, a small amount of vinegar against the water into the iron, and then use powerful steam spray method to spray steam, can remove the scale.
After the water tank should be cleaned.
7, exhausted, be sure to pour the water down, if the net is not down, on the power to steam from the floor spray.
Unplug the plug, vertical collection, can extend the service life.