Sleep will be drooling is going on

Many people have had the experience of sleep drool, most of them think it is their own the night before eating sour things, or dream dreams food, and think it is a normal thing.
But sleep is not a hand to wipe the saliva to get away, but should be on their own health alert, and perhaps the onset of certain diseases signal.
Drooling is a normal physiological phenomenon: the normal amount of human saliva secretion per day 1000 ~ 1500ml. 1.
No food lure time, every minute will secrete saliva 0.5ml.
So even if people fall asleep, the mouth will still secrete saliva to protect the teeth and lubricate the mouth.
However, the unusual sleep drool which will cause disease?


if sudden sleep drool over time and normal life out of control facial muscles or mouth askew headache symptoms, a great chance to be a harbinger of stroke, should
Immediately to the hospital for examination, this situation in the elderly to pay special attention, can not be taken lightly.


From the Chinese perspective, the human body’s internal organs corresponding to five kinds of body fluids, which corresponds to the spleen saliva.
When the spleen qi and blood deficiency, functional weakness, they can not control saliva, there will be automatic outflow of saliva situation.
Spleen in addition to drooling, may also be associated with pale complexion, mental fatigue, depression and other symptoms, there will be shortness of breath, loss of appetite and other issues.


if older have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar and other diseases and often sleep drool, pay attention to the risk of atherosclerosis, which can lead to brain and muscle ischemia, hypoxia, resulting in facial muscle relaxation,
Plus the elderly swallowing capacity weakened, it will sleep drooling.

oral inflammation

mouth has a lot of bacteria, especially in the carbohydrate or food debris between teeth and teeth can easily lead to dental caries and periodontal disease and other oral inflammation, poor oral hygiene environment will stimulate the secretion of saliva, causing drooling at night.

nervous dysregulation

due to the secretion of saliva is reflective, so when people developed a nervous dysregulation can cause salivation reflex system received the wrong instructions, causing sleep drool.


when people Yongnaoguodu, extreme fatigue or taking certain drugs, may cause autonomic dysfunction, may occur parasympathetic excited to sleep, the brain sends the wrong signal, causing drooling.

sleep drool reasons are complex, their daily lives to pay attention more carefully, especially the elderly, if you have the above symptoms should go to the hospital diagnosis, so as not to delay treatment.