Selection of high-quality tangerine peel coup

The so-called dried tangerine peel, Rutaceae plants and cultivars of ripe orange peel, each to 10 to 12 months fruit ripening, the fruit off, peeling peel, dried or ventilated dry.
Chenpi taste hard, warm, with a warm stomach and cold-dispelling effect of qi and spleen, suitable for stomach fullness, indigestion, loss of appetite and cough, phlegm and other symptoms of human consumption.
Dried tangerine peel ingredients “tangerine peel” and “widely dried tangerine peel”. “;”; “; Tangerine peel; rdquo;
In general, peel skin often peeled into a number of petals, the base connected or irregular debris.
Outer surface of orange-yellow or reddish brown, with fine wrinkles and concave dotted oil chamber; inner surface yellow-white, rough sponge-like, with yellow-white or yellow-brown tendon vascular bundle, slightly hard and brittle,
Xin and slightly bitter.
And wide as the skin peel skin is 11-2,999,887,161,121,998,238 cigarettes store multi-profile into 3 to 4 petals, connected to the base, neat and orderly shape, the thickness of about 1 mm.
Point-like oil chamber is larger, transparent to the light as clear, qualitative softer.
Whether it is dried tangerine peel or wide dried tangerine peel, are a large color film fresh, oil-run soft, strong aroma, sweet and bitter are better.