Salt of the 50 Magical

1 before peeling fish scales in the salt water in the fish, scales will be very easy to fall off. 1, the fish is not easy to use.
2. Verify that the egg is fresh, just put it in the salt water, the fresh eggs will sink, not fresh will be floating.. ?? ..
3. boiled eggs, add some salt, a break of the eggs will remain the status quo ante.) 3.
4. stir the eggs, add some salt, egg flowers will be more uniform, fluffy. 4..
5. pancakes, in the pan to sprinkle some salt, it is not easy to stick pan.. ?? …. ?? ..
6. With a double-layer cooking pot, add a little salt in the water, the food will be cooked more quickly. 6.
7. to the children to do nutritional meals, cook some apples with salt, flesh more delicious.
8. Milk Riga point of salt, better flavor, shelf life will be longer.. ?? ..
9. frozen fish, frozen meat on the salt water, not only thawing fast, but also to keep fresh.. ?? ..
10 clothes stained with coffee can be washed with salt.

11. white wax and salt, white vinegar mixed to remove copper rust.
12. In the ink on the carpet, sprinkle some salt, the ink will be part of the absorption of salt..
13. The piano keys can be cleaned with a mixture of salt and lemon juice (see below for details on how to use this).
14. The new glass should be soaked in salt water for a while. 141..
15. Salt and alcohol in accordance with the ratio of 1: 4 mixture, you can remove the oil stains.
16. Vegetables in the salt water in the bubble about, dirt is more likely to fall off.. ?? ..
17. clothes or tablecloths by wine pollution, sprinkle with salt and then rinse with cold water can be.. ?? ..
18. Salt and vinegar water clean dishes more clean.
19. Salt can remove the bath and toilet stains.
20. Cooking milk, cooking pot of dried, you can use salt to remove paste flavor.. ?? …
21. Hot salt water can drive away the odor of the drain.
22. The salt inside the new wok fried again, stir-fry to coke when poured out, can remove the smell of iron.. ?? ..
23. Case board with the smell, can be immersed in Taomi Shui, the scrub with a little salt.. ?? ..
24. Fresh fish, poultry and internal organs first rub with salt water and then washed, in addition to the mud smell and smell.. ?? ….
25. brushing before the toothbrush on the brine, the toothbrush life will be longer.. ?? …. ?? ..
26. When washing clothes, if the bubble is too much, you can sprinkle some salt.??????????
27. Walnut and other nuts will be soaked in salt water, nuts easy to cut out.
28. Clothes on the clothesline to cook in the salt water, the life will increase. 2..
29. To the flowers pouring point of salt water, they open the time will be extended.. ?? ..
30. When ironing clothes, sprinkle some salt on the wet clothes, the iron is not easy to rust.. ?? .. 11..
31. A little salt can make the tea taste thicker.. ?? ..
32. Add a little salt sticky glue sticks more firmly. “..
33. Winter clothes when you add some salt, clothing is not easy to be frozen.. ?? ..
34. Salt water is more likely to reach the boiling point..
35. washing clothes with salt water, fabric faded greatly reduced the degree of.
Skin cream cream add some salt, absorb faster..
37. Sponge dipped in salt water will be more durable.?????????????
38 to the loss of water on the apple in the salt water, will re-bright and gorgeous.. ?? ..
39. Cut the skin of the fruit placed in salt water, will not oxidize the yellowing of.
40. The kitchen knife soak in salt water for 10 minutes and then grinding, labor-saving and sharp.. ?? ..
41. Salt water wash pain, redness of the eyes.
42. Dry toothbrush on the point of salt can make the teeth white..
43. Can be a mixture of soda and brine brush your teeth, teeth more robust.. ?? ..
44. Persist in mouthwash with salt water, your teeth will not be any problem. “..
45 commonly used brine wash your hair, can remove dandruff, can prevent hair loss.
Drink too much discomfort Cigar Store, can drink strong brine emetic.
47. drink 1: 100 brine, you can relieve coughing.
48. burns soaked in salt water or sprinkle salt water on top, can cure burns. 4. .1.
49. hands and feet cramps, the salt can be fried hot, wrapped with cloth back and forth.
50. drink some salt water before singing, you can prevent the throat hoarse.