Remove the decapitated key method

Remove the key to the method of breaking 11219987141121998238711219988711112199887111121998711

If the lock was too much time to make the key broken in the keyhole, the broken key holder can be inserted into the keyhole, so that it is broken in the keyhole in the other side of the cross-section completely consistent,
And then forced to push, and then gently turn the handle, the lock can be opened.

After the lock is opened, a thin wire saw blade or a hand saw blade can be inserted into the keyhole to engage the serration and the key tooth, and then slowly pull out the key.
Broken out a short key, you can pluck all the pull out with pliers.

If you can not use the above method can not open the lock or take off the key, you have to open the lock part, pull out the lock cylinder, and the lock cylinder on the hard place on the tap a few times, the key will be loose off the key cigarettes