Remember the house do not do this decoration

do not remember this house decoration 11,219,887,121,121,998,231,71,118,887,111,121,988,237 1, regret engage in open kitchen, there are soot problems.
2, regret the bathroom, the kitchen did not engage in small water treasure, hot water to come faster, more convenient to use when the .2..
3, regret with range hoods, Continental, good-looking, should use the Chinese..
4, regret power socket installed less, home dragging line board everywhere.. ?? ..
How many should be installed how much equipment.
5, regret not set aside the edge of the toilet outlet, Wei Li can not be installed.
6, bathtub PK shower, choose one of the two words, it is recommended shower, bathtub installed, never had a bubble bath is not a small number of.
Shower does not refer to the shower room, shower room glass rub up or tired, you can also choose to hang the root shower curtain.
7, if there are two bathrooms, equipped with a bathtub or necessary, large bubble clothing, baby bath is a good choice to help, massage bathtub is not necessary, the bubble can not be a few times, but also particularly expensive.
8, regret the kitchen is not installed air conditioning.
9, if you like the Internet, each room on each wall, are reserved for at least two network ports and more than two sockets.
Wireless routing can solve the problem, but is said to sometimes unstable.
10, regret the kitchen flue did not break out, as long as the building was someone cooking, their hood must be open at the same time, or full of smoke flavor.
11, the location of the room a variety of sockets, and later to buy the furniture size deviation, waste a lot of sockets.
12, if you can buy in the mall, do not call the carpenter to do!..
Unless the woodworking technology is quite good.
13, the floor color should be slightly shallow, not easy to see the gray, but slightly deeper kitchen tiles, not easy to find everywhere hair, so that the most resistant to dirty.
14, the restaurant is best equipped with a ceiling fan, super comfortable. 14.
15, the storage space as much as possible, after admission need to incorporate the debris will be more and more.???????????
16, the balcony of the wall or the best use of ceramic tile, more waterproof than the paint.
17, regret to buy a lot of lights installed, in fact, fixed with a few on that.
18, super regret toilet toilet is a glass, super easy to dirty, it should be used in ceramics.??????????

Not to buy the fine to buy, to believe that the sky will not fall for no reason filling.
A house decoration down to million units, or more to the market to see, shop around and never out of date.
20. regret the bed head forget to install the switch, every time off the bed off the lights, the winter is very sad.
21, regret buying cheap hardware, bathroom hardware, leading the class is absolutely a sub-price goods.
22, decoration, try not to stay wiping the place, the corner is difficult to engage in health….
23, the future plans to have children’s family, must be considered good size, next to the bed to be set aside for the placement of the crib.
24, it is recommended that all leading are equipped with hot and cold water pipes, decoration, spend a little more than spend a lot of money, after trying to remedy super difficult.
25, the room is not the layout of the less practical the better to not tear up the yuan pasted out of time sooner or later out of date.. ?? ..
26, when buying anything to pay attention to the size of the door inside the house, do not buy a good move not.
27, solid wood flooring Feet good but need maintenance, clean up the floor to facilitate the compound.
28, regret to buy hidden door..
In the useless, and want to open ventilation are trouble.
29, walk-in closet is good, but relatively easy to fouling, open shelves, shelves, etc. (no door kind), good-looking is good-looking, but the pain is good, especially the book, a layer
Ash A.
30, the lampshade must not be washed up, that hang up after waiting for the fouling it.
31, installation of leakage protection and air switch junction box of the project can not be provincial, but not on the outside to be placed indoors, the original would like to save money on the old sub-box outside the box, the electrical proposal on the room.
New, and now find him this proposal is very valuable.
32, leakage protection and air switch must use the brand name of the.. ?? …
33, the audience basin than the basin delicate, good-looking, good cleaning.
With the basin under the basin leading to note that, taking into account the basin edge thickness, leading to longer mouth.
34, the wall does not do any modification of the vertex angle is also very beautiful, but to find the stage before the painter and the painter clearly put forward.peak angle pin line help to straighten the top line.
35, the surface of the cement tank on the surface of the tank groove putty is very important for surface treatment, for the surface is not strong with a clean ball handling is very appropriate.
36, gypsum wall to make up the larger holes, of course, if the hole is too large or need to use cement.?????????????
37, the back of 10 million to protect the ground glass Do not stained with paint, it is difficult to clean!.. ?? ..
38, Caipen faucet must be able to switch with the back of the hand, that must be easy to use your fingers to keep clean, the hands of oil when it is also difficult to turn up.. ?? ..
39, the price of luxury automatic drying racks too much water, compared to some not found in the design of the brand in the design but rather than the first-line brand, the price is much lower.. ?? ..
40, you can consider the use of the ground in the metal socket, this outlet is very expensive more than 100, but very convenient, usually flush with the ground, foot step on the socket can pop up.
Suitable for large living room.
Or in the dining room dining table below, used to plug hot pot (to prevent walking back and forth when moving wires).
41, storage room. 41,.
Regret did not do cabinet door, inside things are particularly easy to stick dust.
42, regret to save space, bought a bed with a cabinet below..
Super airtight.
43, is not practical double towel racks!..
At present, and single-pole use, the basic will not be linked to the inner layer and then drying towel.
44, there do not install door trash and table trash, open the door when the summer will be very smelly.
Trash or on the outside.
45, a small table next to the cupboard is good, can be placed some stuff, it is convenient..
46, mop bucket in the performance requirements are not high, can build their own one out, covered with the surrounding environment and the tile or mosaic that is beautiful, and save money.
47, the bathroom can be nailed to the nail hook or hook to hang clothes for something.
48, bathroom design of a small cabinet to put clothes, no longer have to worry about forgetting to take a bath clean clothes.. ?? ..
49, washing machine with a serious drying is not practical, in addition to the year only the yellow mold day, but also evil giant.. ?? ..
Thick clothes, bath towel or drying quit, so that the sun disinfection and more good.
Even overdraft, need to save some money.
50, in the laundry room to do a laundry pool, used to wash some things..
Originally thought to use less, so buy a very cheap leader.
I did not expect this laundry pool is really too convenient, and became the highest frequency of use of a washing zone.
What wipes ah, ah socks, towels ah, the system cigarettes store system in the inside wash, and even wash their hands are mostly there.
51, sorry to install light with.
Not a fart, decorated to the end is not over.
There are guests to just look at the SHOW spotlight, their own have forgotten also installed a this thing.
The original is to open PARTY when the romantic, and now the opportunity to open the spotlights are not many.
52, the biggest experience is the fact that the simpler the better decoration, less pollution, less money, peace of mind.. ?? .. …
53, the practical stuff: ① rational design of the storage room.?????????????
(2) Wash sinks for sinks.
Distinguish between the washbasin with the bathroom and the kitchen sink and dishwashing dishes.
③ bathroom can pull out the faucet.
(TX never wash shampoo in the basin exception).
④ easy to clean the floor and the appropriate cleaning tools.
⑤ kitchen table work lights.
54, buy a toilet must be a good amount of their own hole distance, or to buy a return to that really.
55, Wei kitchen floor tiles posted after a good amount of dry before the best level, to see the lowest point is not to leak, or else dry and then decorated team wrangling, many cells die.
56, bathroom shower room size must be large enough, but also to use transparent glass, so do not appear inside the showers cramped.?????????????
57, tiles should not use the white cement hook pointing.
Not a month to become black seam, ugly dead.
( the results of their own hook to buy their hook, that tired.
58, cabinets under artificial stone should have a mat after the board, the results found no installation, and now not cut the meat in the above, promised to give me almost two months of equipment is not installed (only to polish the first time)..
59, regret that the designer’s bewitching..
Of course, you can visit more than a few decoration companies, from the design of each of the Cheap Cigars extracted from the real useful things, the key is what you want to dress up like home.
60, if the floor drain original manufacturers or developers have already installed the kind of deodorant “bowl”, do not take out. “..
61, bathroom tiles posted on the ground after a good test of water, if the water is relatively slow to immediately rework.
My family’s water is slow, was a bit soft-hearted, and now a bath is always a little water, and made our main guard hundreds of silver shower head are idle, and now always wondering how to remedy.
62, fitted with sinks and mirror to consider, put the toothbrush cup shelf, the relative position of the towel rack.
63, to buy a mirror to consider the location of the mirror before the lamp, if you do not want to install the mirror headlamps, the size of the mirror to be able to cover the front of the mirror reserved for the line the best.
64, put on the balcony of the washing machine to be a small cupboard, easy to put some debris, such as detergent within the debris.???????????
Both beautiful and practical.
65, be sure to stare upstairs to do waterproof …. or downstairs drip, get the hanging cabinet, a messy wall.
66, some things themselves to bargain will be cheaper than buy.
67, TV backdrop must be set up more than a few sockets, TV, DVD a put on, you will find the socket is not enough.. ?? ..
Can be embedded in a bended PVC pipe in the inside, the power cord from one into the other end directly out of the back of the TV, very, very useful.
68, to change the water before the road is necessary to consider the future installed a large sample of the wash basin, such as the left basin or the right basin, where the water and drainage in place.
Otherwise, changed after the discovery of the phase of the washbasin but not fit!
69, on the curtains, we’d better to leave the size of their own a copy of the description of the boss can not be less size.. ?? ..
If less, then how how.
Or watch him cut cloth.
70, decoration of the construction process: (1) Approach, demolition of walls, walls.
(2) bathroom, kitchen ground to do 24-hour water test (to be completed by developers to complete this task).
(3) chisel trough, water and electricity transformation and acceptance.
(4) buried trench concealed hydropower renovation project, closed the water leakage test began to do waterproofing works.
(5) bathroom, kitchen stickers wall disk.
(6) wood approach, hanging ceiling, gypsum angle.
(7) package door sets, window cover.
Production of wooden cabinet frame.
(8) simultaneous production of various wooden doors, modeling doors and flat pressure.
(9) wooden panel brush dust paint (oil).
(10) windowsill marble flattening the laying of the table.
(11) wood decorative panel paste, line production and fine installation.
(12) wall base processing, grinding, leveling.
(13), even at the door seams adhesive stickers (protection side).
(14) wall oil ICI at least three times.
(15) furniture paint approach, patch eyes, paint.
(16) treatment of corners, laying tiles, wood or composite wood flooring, waterproof marble, baseboard.
(17) lamps, sanitary ware, handle, door lock installation and commissioning.
(18) clean up health, floor tiles, sewer, withdraw field.
(19) interior decoration company preliminary acceptance.
(20) tripartite appointment time formal acceptance, delivery to the owners.

71, before the flue valve back together, must be clean, ensure the valve opens freely and able to open to the maximum, otherwise it will affect the effect of exhaust hood.
Can be installed in the ceiling when the two do not install, so after the hood and try to install the correct installation of the ceiling.

72, in the living room and dining room so much space, the ceiling can not not do.
73, regret line alignment did not think a good air-conditioning, power should be moved closer to the air-conditioning, so that when installed air conditioning to see a length of power cord.

74, the house personally measure and record the availability of various sizes may be on Broche size chart size and then re-covered wire tagging, it will directly affect the final size of the interior design and furniture purchases.
75, the line is not good small units If you choose the black walnut is always not enough atmosphere, then need to have a choice, or to accommodate the actual or persistent their own ideas, of course, the best both.
76, began to find decoration personnel, if not particularly large units and intends to simple decoration, it seems more cost-effective to find guerrillas.
It is best to install after the introduction of others, you have to personally witnessed and recognized, especially for the decoration of the responsible person feeling is more important, sense of responsibility and appreciation level, the former is more critical, because if only simple, in fact, those live
Almost out of the mix will do, but the quality of good or bad may depend on the sense of responsibility.
77, the main furniture, such as sofas, wardrobe, dinette, cabinets, etc. also look at the best in advance, if running around on too tired, you can find a few good shopping environment of large home shopping stroll, the basic trend of the
Looked out, so the next thing you have to do is according to their own style and slowly screened out the right things.
Some people have a good grasp of the style, some people grasp the color of the prospective, it does not matter, anyway, there is time to consider, if the decoration until the clearance, the steps to be virtual furniture will inevitably end up reluctantly accepted rather than very much.
78, regret to buy a fabric sofa cloth blended.
Home on the outside of any textiles to buy pure cotton, the appearance is really not important.
Especially in the future intended to have children or have been born.
Finally, we share a tip: the furniture has been optimistic about the best size to write down, and then to the future of the virtual furnishings room situation.
When buying the necessary documents must be preserved, this may exist on the back of the late, replacement situation is absolutely useful.
Especially some of the important items of shopping a small ticket, brochures, etc., because a lot of things are warranty period, the certificate lost will be more trouble.