Refrigerator rapid deicing tips

refrigerator rapid de-icing tips

& nbsp; & nbsp; no automatic defrost refrigerator apparatus , the following methods can be used to quickly defrost .

& nbsp; & nbsp; first disconnect the power supply refrigerator , remove the food inside .
Then according to the size of the freezer , one or two aluminum boxes mounted boiling water into the freezing chamber .

& nbsp; & nbsp; after a few minutes , freezer frost wall block start block off ( not yet falling , can handle gently pull ) .
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& nbsp; & nbsp; If no freezer compartment at the top of the metal plate evaporation , water blooming boxes should cover, in order to avoid plastic inner wall at low temperatures due to a sudden rise in temperature deformation.

& nbsp; & nbsp; This approach is much more than the temperature of the cream on their own power -saving.