Refrigerator how deicing

refrigerator how de-icing?

refrigerator how deicing triple refrigerator top ten brand refrigerator top ten brands of health products and health products Daquan Daquan cabinet custom cabinets custom sticker labeling machine Labeling machine disconnect the power supply is turned off and de-icing the food in the refrigerator all
taken out, on a set cigarettes store in large bowl or clean bedding, cover anti thaw.
Then the desk fan to maximum wind, blowing close in front of the ice.
Freezer case may be put to the fan blowing.
Ten minutes later, you will hear ice pops to fall down, effortlessly sweeping clean.
Dry the refrigerator, or easily freeze drawer.
After power over a period of time and then take out the food in the refrigerator.

refrigerator freezer automated de-icing many now have automatic deicing function in daily life, if met fridge freeze, simply press a button deicing refrigerators, refrigerator is automatically de-icing, very simple and convenient.
Therefore, in the purchase of a refrigerator can be selected with automatic de-icing capabilities.

water de-icing refrigerator stuff inside out, and then use the aluminum boxes, mounted on the water in the refrigerator.
After a few minutes, the ice began to fall off.

fan de-icing refrigerator stuff inside out, with a hair dryer and a small gear slowly blow of the ice, wipe it again with a clean towel, then moistened with water and wipe clean.
We must pay attention to the drain hole clean, otherwise it will cause icing again.

direct cooling refrigerator deicing method for direct-cool refrigerator, freezer back prone to ice particles.
Also known as direct-cool refrigerator frost or slightly frost-free refrigerator, cold kind of refrigerator freezer is obtained by the evaporator back exchange, so the compressor is running back micro frost or cold tablets.
This is no problem, when the temperature reaches the set temperature or water discharged from the drain hole, ice will melt away.
For such a refrigerator, should pay attention to the back of the evaporator and articles to be frozen for at least 2cm away, so to avoid frozen food, refrigerators back severe icing.

refrigerator compartment in order to avoid recurring icing problems, usually when you need to use the refrigerator learned some common sense: 1. Avoid

aqueous foods to avoid moisture-rich foods placed in the refrigerator interior: such as soups and other foods.

clear their own refrigerator usage of many users for the fresh food compartment thermostat regulating some errors exist.
Here warm reminder: Most of the refrigerator freezer thermostat temperature figures represent the opposite.
This means that the lower the temperature the higher the number.

3. Avoid repeatedly opening the refrigerator door repeatedly opening the refrigerator results in a big difference in temperature is caused by refrigerator freezer ice reasons.

refrigerating compartment 4. Do not pile too much food will often find the back of the refrigerator freezer food heap appears a layer of ice is caused by too much.
Place the food usually pay attention to the back of the refrigerator freezer compartment certain distance.