Puppets how to keep cats

Puppet cat is a relatively gentle and well-behaved pet, in general, should be better kept, but in the feeding process, there are still a lot to pay attention to Oh.

Note 1: multi-prepared toys

office workers who want to keep puppet cat if you have to pay attention to the need to prepare more toys to the cat or another point to support other pets and puppet cat companion, so as to allow
Puppet cat is not so lonely.

Note 2: pay attention to Phi hair carding

Puppet cat most of the coat is relatively long, although its fur is very soft, but the daily combing is still necessary.
Bathing is a regular cat to do every thing, although the puppet cat and more rearing in the room, but it is no exception, must be regularly to the puppet cat bathing deworming to protect the cats of the cat.

Note 4: have patience to keep

Puppet cat like sticky people, so the family kept a puppet cat must have patience, so as to allow the cat to feel the care of the owner.

Note 5: Walking to be bound to live in a cat with a cat even when walking out, be sure to note that the cat is more curious about the affairs of the outside world, so use rope to restrain.