Practical Sterilization Methods in Households

family practical method of disinfection Solar disinfection

use sterilization sun’s ultraviolet rays and heat of nature apply to books and newspapers bedding mattresses blankets and other items, generally speaking, in direct sunlight conditions, six hours to reach disinfection

washing disinfection

typically use warm water or mechanical cleaning, eliminates bacteria adsorbed on the surface of dust and drugs to strengthen disinfection.

cooking steam sterilization make denatured protein coagulation bacterial cells, most pathogens after 15 or 30 minutes of cooking can all deaths.
This method is also applicable to non-soaking items such as metal and glass products, such as children’s toys.

wipe disinfection

for home flooring and large windows, doors and furniture that can not cooking utensils.
( Wipe the need to use disinfectants such as bleach cream 3 & mdash; 5% Lysol children of deep phenol solution or liquid.

fumigation disinfection

applicable indoor air disinfection.
Available dried leaves of Artemisia annua medicine, such as surgery and other mashed Lane, per square meter room with 30 & mdash; 50 grams, were fumigated after ignition.
The other is vinegar fumigation.

Incineration Incineration is the most thorough disinfection

a disinfection method applies only to the patient’s discards, when burned, people were required to stand on the air, incinerated ashes should be promptly removed.