Pick green pepper tips

green pepper top of the handle was bright green mature mature green pepper appearance of fresh, thick, bright, flesh; top of the handle, that is, part of the fresh green calyx.
Immature green pepper is soft, thin meat, pale green handle.
Fresh and fresh green pepper in soft reduction, although it will be deformed, but raised his finger, you can quickly bounce back. “..
Fresh green peppers are often shrunken or weak, the color dark.
In addition, the meat should not be selected to damage the green pepper, otherwise easy to save when the save. Cigar Store decay.
Four edge of the fleshy thick ribs are raised from the bottom of the green pepper and developed from.
The bulge is the development of green pepper by the process of “ventricular” decision, the growth environment is good, nutritious enough to easily form four “ventricular”.
In other words, there are four edges of green peppers, than three or two edges of the green pepper flesh, nutrient-rich.
Green pepper is rich in vitamin C, cooking dishes, we should pay attention to master the heat, fire should be taken fast frying method, heating time not too long, so as to avoid excessive loss of vitamin C