Peel chestnut skin a small coup

chestnuts are all very much like the food, but some people because of chestnut peel and feel very irritable, teach you the recipe for you to eat your favorite food.
Frozen method: chestnuts cooked, its cooling, frozen in the refrigerator for two hours, can be separated from the shell.
This chestnut stripping up both fast, chestnut meat and complete.
Microwave heating method: will buy raw chestnuts, cut with a pair of scissors to the shell, on the microwave heating in high temperature for 30 seconds, inside a layer of clothing and Cigar Store meat that will automatically from.
Before using this method to chestnut, be sure to cut the shell, otherwise it may cause a microwave oven failure.
Chopsticks mixing method: the chestnut all two, peeled into the basin, add water soak for a while, stir with chopsticks, chestnut skin and chestnut meat will be divorced from.
Soak time can not be too long, otherwise it will affect the nutrient composition of chestnuts.

thermal expansion and contraction method: a chestnut shell with a knife to strip, add boiling water for 3-5 minutes, remove and immediately after soaking in cold water for 3-5 minutes, it is easy to peel the chestnut clothing, and the same taste
Remove the candy fried chestnut skin tips: the cold chestnuts into the microwave oven, with the fire heating 30 seconds, remove the bad if the stripping is, then heated to 30 seconds can be.???????
Hot water immersion method: raw chestnut washed into the vessel, add a little salt, boiling water immersion, cover the lid.
5 minutes later, remove the chestnut cut, chestnut skin that is with the chestnut shell off together, this method to remove the chestnut skin time and effort.
Stripping raw chestnuts skin tips: the raw chestnuts into the ventilated, dry place to dry a few days, so chestnut skin is very good to peel it.. ?? …. ?? …
This method can also make chestnuts dried fruit, eat water first bubble about on the line.
Peeled boiled chestnuts skin tips: When cooked in the chestnuts add some salt, cooked will be a good peeling.
Sun exposure method: to eat raw chestnut placed in the sun exposure day, chestnut shell that will crack.