Out of the decoration of the four stages of the four traps

four out of four stages of renovation trap

annual 3 & middot; 15, are shouting the industry the importance of protecting the interests of consumers.
Many companies are also in this festival before and after the stand out to the consumer to make a variety of commitments, but promised to return, the annual household consumption is still a lot of problems.

consumer home improvement building materials quality complaints increased, renovated four kinds of traps four-stage

annual 3 & middot; 15, are shouting the industry the importance of protecting the interests of consumers.
Many companies are also in this festival before and after the stand out to the consumer to make a variety of commitments, but promised to return, the annual household consumption is still a lot of problems.

no renovation for the general knowledge of consumers, decoration consumption can be said to be the most “tired” and one of the consumer items, in the decoration before and after the consumer not only to bother to find home improvement company, to buy materials..
, But also to buy furniture, buy soft equipment to deal with a variety of traps during the period, to prevent all kinds of situations, but in the end it is difficult to prevent.

according to the China Consumer Association announced in February, “2008 National Consumers Association Organization to receive complaints statistical analysis”, 2008, consumer complaints, decoration materials, decoration and services rose by 5.9%, 3.0%.
The quality of decoration materials rose 5.3% complaints, prices rose 85.0%, the contract rose 74.0%.
Reporters interviewed consumers, said most of the decoration industry in the materials, contracts, pricing, construction process information do not understand, is the decoration of the biggest problems.

material quality plagued consumers

analysis according to the China Consumer Association, complained last year renovated main problems First decoration materials brands, of varying quality, the quality of products are bought in the formal market is also difficult to guarantee the purchase of hazardous materials
Material and radiation seriously exceeded.

Second, some vendors take advantage of the situation of consumers lack the expertise to sell Zhicijiagao products, and even shoddy, consumer fraud, make a profit.
Some decoration companies and vendors collusion, accompanied by consumers to buy decoration materials, and then to the dealer to extract kickbacks.

Third, some companies to reap huge profits in the decoration engineering shoddy, many plug-in company, layers of subcontractors, quality of the decoration is not guaranteed.
Fourth, the decoration company does not use the model contract, oral or homemade contract, in terms of terms such as subsidiary provisions of the text trap.
Some consumers are not careful when signing a contract, some of the matters agreed unknown, decoration companies forced consumers a down payment on the renovation contract to be secured, due to the specific terms not agree decoration company refused to refund the deposit, harm consumers.
Volume of complaints

pollution problems

president of the Beijing Municipal Building Decoration Association Jia told reporters in the pool, from the current complaint, the pollution of one of the most important issues is the home decoration pollution complaints, a room has several elements, including
earthworks, foundation engineering renovation, until the last access to some materials, decoration, and finally the furniture, air, plants, etc., may cause some unhealthy factors.
Home pollution has a great impact on the human body.
But it is a very comprehensive problem, in the definition, it is more difficult to judge.

Deals discount season, but also to pay attention to quality

this spring will be renovated for the owners, is a very fortunate season, from the second home expo last weekend to the end of February just concluded its tenth show Spring Home Improvement
, And then to various building materials stores, have launched a “bargain-hunting”, concessions, sale of sales measures.
Faced with this spring & ldquo; Super bottom Kuangshuai & rdquo; the price of the bombing, experts say, in the business for special sales, probably because of cost or other reasons can not keep up the quality, buy discount goods, but also to pay attention
Quality and environmental protection.
Held in March 6 2009 & ldquo; China household, consumer and environmental protection & rdquo; the forum, build a new car Macalline chairman also said that in the process of stimulating consumption, or promotion, or discount them, there may be manufacturers ignore the environmental
Or the cost is reduced, do not pay attention to environmental protection, which is a challenge to the home industry, taking advantage of discount wind, promotional wind timing, to pay more attention to strengthen the environmental control of this process.

four-stage renovation prevent four trap

1. Design phase

unnecessary design costs

consumption [Case] ​​Zhang

: through acquaintances I met a designer, a designer to design together with substantially
Budget, artificial + auxiliary material about 27,000 yuan, the entire basic decoration (artificial + auxiliary material + main material) about 60,000 yuan, I am more satisfied.
The next day, I took the renovation program to the building materials market to inquire about the price and found that 30,000 yuan of the main material budget is absolutely impossible, according to their own requirements, basic decoration at least more than 10 million.

[Interpretation] industry people

designer earned artificial + auxiliary section and with the owner to buy the material rebate, however, not be able to set the price too high to scare the owners, so the budget auxiliary artificial +
It is the largest, the main material but not so important, and so after entering the start, the owners found that poor main material to be replaced when the designers have a reason: the owners to choose your own main material, of course, not the original budget

many home improvement company’s designers will design tricks, unnecessary costs, such as unnecessary renovation project, more interested in the report, false, increase the quantities measured and design.
Consumers looking to decorate the first not to rush home improvement company, but should be systematically assessed for their homes, including how much is going to invest money for a variety of decoration materials to conduct a market survey, be aware of.
At the same time you can consult, refer to the recently renovated houses around the recent design style and a friend suggested that the effective control of costs.


trap design fees are waived: No designer with design fees to attract customers, but the designer will work with building materials agreement, as long as the designers use their material in the design, the final design for the building materials
Division or decorating company.

do budget: at home improvement companies tend to do more than count the budget price, this way for consumers to bargain, to be & ldquo; & rdquo ;, accede home improvement company, the main material of package engineering, will often be valued in the measurement of material
, So that consumers spend unnecessary material costs.

Quote Trap: Some decoration company to offer a single project into multiple to offer, such as the project is divided into paint primer, paint and other small items, each Xiao Xiang looks prices are not high, but they add up
Higher than & ldquo; a large section & rdquo ;.
There are deliberately missing in the budget of some renovation will have a fixed project, construction, consumers must also pay for this.
There are some out of the process or material has been written into the budget, the owners do not accept, the decoration company asked for fare increases.

contract Trap: Be sure to carefully read the liquidated damages when the contract, some written contract is above all damages not exceed 10% of the total contract.
So that after signing out any problems, the decoration company compensation is very small, can be irresponsible.

2. Procurement stage

material substitution of the most common consumer

[Case] ​​

Sign L: most & ldquo; black & rdquo; Money for the project or wood core board.
I asked in the contract with authentic & ldquo; a certain brand & rdquo; wood core board, my family need to do two large wardrobes and a large bookcase, a large amount of wood core board.
After feeling good results, but lived for some time, found wrong.
After inspection, the original decoration workers began to buy is authentic “a certain card” wood core board, but I am not during, they replaced with other brands.

[Interpretation] industry people

encountered relatively savvy homeowners, workers have agreed together to buy materials, but certainly not the first time the material ready, buy only a part of this part of almost all the requirements by the owner
Price to buy.
After they buy their own materials, of course, buy cheap.
In the purchase, not only to be written in the contract with the material business, the use of a model of a batch of first-class goods or qualified goods, and workers to buy materials, but also written agreement, we must one-time purchase
Good material, not enough, to use the same brand of the same type of material.
In addition, to furniture to sheet, but also need hinges, handles and other hardware, if not written, and finally in the hardware, will suffer.


trap the same brand of inferior material: decoration company in Times Wallcovering only write & ldquo; certain paint & rdquo; words, but when used in the construction site is the cheapest brand paint; there
Of the decoration company will take advantage of the owners do not pay attention when the quality material into inferior material.

alert keel floor or baseboard: Some workers will be renovated in the keel or baseboard hands and feet, with good material instead.
In addition, master the number of wooden floor pavement calculation method is also very important to buy a number, paved the number, the remaining number, the account should be a few.

Cabinet hands and feet: the owners on contract with crystal cabinets fire board panel, a certain brand of countertops, moisture-proof board cabinet.
But the decoration workers in order table, with other brands to replace the table, moisture-proof plate was replaced by a general board.

insufficient amount of paint: Paint barrel packaging 5 liters, 10 liters barrel, but the amount was inside coating is not necessarily as indicated on the packaging, the reason is the amount of volume difficult for consumers to check labels.

construction phase

outside the contract works caused costs to rise

consumption [Case] ​​

users in Malaysia: the decoration and I was a relatively well-known decoration company signed a contract half a pack, and orally promised that all projects 5-year warranty.
The next day I started to go to the scene and found the workers to go on the wall in the wire only a plastic bag of leather, casing did not, in my strong request to cover the pipe.
Also want to move a socket 20 cm, but they put the line out to re-run, the results occurred a few times the cost.
Upon week hydropower completed, I give acceptance to insiders, share scientific discovery circuit, allow workers to change, can not change the life and death of workers, said to be a good designer, and has nothing to do with them, to find the decoration company, the company said
I have signed the design.


industry people a more complete home improvement contract in addition to the project budget, design drawings, should also include construction technology, construction plans and key construction projects of both parties material purchase orders.
In the contract to write clearly the construction process, is a strict implementation of the construction side of the agreed practice, to prevent jerry-building a good way.
Although the contract did some provisions, but is mostly superficial, mainly reflected in the brand, purchase of materials and inspection deadlines approach, inspection personnel did not make it clear that it is in the contract documents clearly write more construction details.

Also good in the renovation process tracking supervision, supervision of the construction of false materials, labor; (www.aizhi5.com) supervise water, pipelines and other key construction period to avoid the & ldquo; hidden parts & rdquo; stay hidden.


trap Hydropower Plants: When to electricity projects, according to the length of the wire line offer, but according to the actual length of the inner tube denominated wire, tubing if there are three wires, the total price will pulls out three times.
Or multi-detour route to increase the use of pipeline length.
Decorative home improvement companies and consumers to sign contracts, because of some of the scene at this point is not very clear, so the quotation is generally designated hydropower renovation project unit price, and total project costs do not include the cost of water reform.

paint area overcharged: decoration company in accordance with the general area of ​​the wall paint closing costs, and calculate the area of ​​wall paint, it will be removed and changed other decorative wall together, a double counting of the total amount, to be calculated in the process of renovation
Clear, doors and windows, including the heating of the wall area must be excluded.

increase fees: many of the contracts written to increase or decrease items to pay management fees.
The actual renovation, if consumers feel that the original design is unreasonable, requiring changes, home improvement company will be charged by the contract or change the management fee to change.
Therefore, when signing a contract or supplemental agreement, it must be stated that the design does not meet the requirements or increase the necessary functions, the consumer has the right to change the project free of charge.

difficult to guarantee after-sales service stages

consumption [Case] ​​

Sharon: I’m looking for a home renovation formal decoration company, but there have been many problems in the renovation process.
Such as toilets floor drain is not the lowest point, repair a few times, pry the tiles, the glass actually used to fill tiles.
Repair to go up, we followed the suffering involved, complaints are nowhere, supervision and project managers always chimed with each other, useless Complaint Center headquarters, each received a complaint about the assignment supervision to resolve.
Two years later, leaking pipes, playing switchboard said warranty period, can not be repaired with great difficulty to the customer service center, customer service said the maintenance man please contact us, the results after more than one month, no one contacted me to find.

[industry people Interpretation]

now most of the decoration company in the renovation contract for the decoration quality agreement are vague, generally written & ldquo; according to the national standards & rdquo ;, but the & ldquo; standards & rdquo; in the end what is a
Like the quality requirements, the owners do not know.
The easiest way is to write clearly in the contract.
Consumers live for six months, two years or five years after the use of the cycle, in order to see the real problem. “..
Some companies have disbanded such a long time, and some even home improvement market have been closed down, consumers simply no claim.
Therefore, when entering the home improvement contract, the best choice for binding occasions, such as the signing of the stores, the store also comes with a contract, launched in many markets Xianhangpeifu system, consumers are well protected.
Water, electricity, heating pipe renovation and other hidden works of poor quality: the beginning of the renovation company is also responsible for maintenance, over time to improper use of the user and other reasons prevarication, refused to repair or repair charges.)………….. Traps, such as water.

decoration company back on its word: the signing of the renovation contract commitments were not honored after-sales service, quality problems not repair or warranty process for various reasons shirk.

use of consumer psychology freeloaders in the decoration on the price of none intentionally: After guiding consumers to neglect the service sectors, vague at the time of signing the contract, the problems delaying the matter.