Olive oil eight major role

olive oil itself is very delicious, so do not need too many spices in many dishes.
You just mix the food and oil, you can quietly enjoy the unique aroma of olive oil.

with olive oil production of food, fat content than other edible oil to do out of low, can effectively control the weight.
Olive oil is stable at high temperatures, especially in the Chinese fried, fried, cooked, fried, still do not have to worry about fumes everywhere, the taste of fresh and healthy dishes.
Olive oil has a strong antioxidant capacity, repeated frying will not degenerate.????????????
But also has an excellent preservation effect.
Such as the fresh meat, vegetables, olive oil or olive oil soaked in olive oil, can greatly extend the preservation time.
Olive oil absorption rate is extremely high, help to reduce gastric acid, prevent gastritis, duodenal ulcer and other diseases, but also to stimulate bile secretion.????????????.
Olive oil can soften blood vessels, play a role in prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, but also can reduce the blood glucose levels of diabetic patients.?????????
Olive oil can promote the growth of epithelial tissue, can be used for burn wound protection, without leaving scars. 3.
Bodybuilders and boxers appear on stage when people see one muscular body shiny shine their secret is their body smear a layer of oil – olive oil.
Olive oil contains vitamin E can nourish dry skin, but also inhibit the oily skin sebum secretion, which has the function of regulating the entire skin condition.???????????