Off-season fruit has gimmicks

-season fruits gimmick

M yesterday from the supermarket to buy some strawberries, tall big plump looks particularly lovely.
Washed a bite, 囧!
The middle is hollow to say, not simply eat strawberry flavor, strawberry all these results had to be drained & hellip; & hellip;

developed technology so that people can eat your favorite fruit all year round, but this off-season
Fruit really good?
Alternating throughout the year, the fruit is also the original turn of the mature, in different seasons to eat different fruits is our ancestors thousands of years of practice.
Today, chemicals or ripening or preservation, these ripening agents, preservatives, leavening agent or hormone through synthetic chemicals, have a certain toxicity, eat will increase the burden of liver and kidney, regular consumption will damage
Liver and kidney function.
Many artificial hormones will interfere with the normal endocrine function of the human body, affecting the growth or development of other diseases, so off-season fruit a gimmick, the selection of food to be cautious!

M compiled some seasonal fruit, here and share with you, if the cheese they have any changes or additions to recall a message to tell me oh!

spring fruit: strawberries loquat melon peach plum cherry Carambola

summer fruits: pineapple, watermelon, litchi

autumn fruits: apple pear orange dates Lu grapes banana kiwi papaya

winter fruits: oranges oranges

cane tips:

a good selection of fruit to be cleaned
in order to be safe to eat, M here to tell you a few small coup, easy to wash fruit, fruit to eat at ease:

1, soaked fruit, pour a little salt in their hands, holding the fruit and gently rub, then rinse wash
Net can be.
2, the toothpaste applied to the surface of the fruit when the cleanser, so you can peel the fruits of the preservation agent washed away.
3, with hot water to wash fruit, of course, M think this method is more suitable for winter, hehe !!!
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4, with small pots filled with water, add a little starch, then into the fruit cleaning, this method is particularly suitable to wash grapes, and is said to wash out the fruit easy to change color oh.

5, to the supermarket to buy professional wash fruit wash, pay attention to the selection of good quality regular manufacturers of products, do not use inferior products, since both more dangerous chemicals mixed together Oh!
I wish you a good day every day!
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