Now when we eat in daily life, always encounter many problems, sometimes we are always very picky when eating, eat only one thing, this will result in our body is not sufficient material and not sufficient to
There will be a lot of malnutrition, malnutrition is the phenomenon of our picky eaters, the lack of a collective element of the formation, this is very dangerous, long-term malnutrition, then there will be a lot of problems, and will induce many diseases, so
We found that there are malnutrition when the phenomenon of timely treatment, some friends do not know what the performance of malnutrition.
So even if the performance of malnutrition do not know to treatment, because he did not know that this is the performance of malnutrition, malnutrition, what is the performance? Let us look at the look.
The main point is that the performance of malnutrition, body weight loss, yellow hair….
People with such characteristics, it seems that there is a problem of malnutrition in the body.
Long body lack of nutrition, so the body will not have the power, fat, not to mention, the muscles are out of soft state, which is why the body was thin, because there is not much meat, just skinny, it is
No, for our harm is very large.
Yellow hair is also reflected in the absence of our body caused by an element.
Some people do not like to eat vegetables, vegetables, there are many of our body needs nutrients, if you do not eat a long time, then there will be many problems, that is, the lack of nutrition, nutrition, nutrition.

malnutrition, there is the performance of the above, talking weakly, which is the symptoms of malnutrition, and speak, always slowly, and talk is particularly no effort, which is what we often say weak,
Malnourished people always like this.
That’s because our muscles and our bodies do not have much power, so when we talk again.
There is not much effort to make the sound, this is the reason for the weak.
This is not to say that talk does not emboldened, because we found that malnourished friends, and then talk, said for a while, it came out of the phenomenon of breath, this is a manifestation of physically weak.
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above is to introduce the performance of malnutrition.
We can according to the performance of the above symptoms to early detection of malnutrition around us friends, timely discovery can help us to do the treatment, timely treatment is the key, so that we can go to their disease as early as possible.
Solve out.
Malnutrition is best treated by diet, because it is the safest and most effective.
Like suffering from malnutrition, friends can find timely treatment.