Liquor of 15 life magical

Liquor can not only love the wine of the men greedy, but also help the ladies to solve a lot of life in a small problem.
Here’s to take a look at the wines of magical methods:

to fishy

fried fish, the fish in the liquor soak, and then hang paste fried, can go mud smell.
If the hands have the smell of fish and shrimp, a little white wine drops in the palm of the hand, rub each other, then rinse with water, you can remove.

removal of trace iodine

iodine stains on the clothes at, put some liquor to rub, traces of iodine can be dissipated against plaster traces on the clothes can also use this method.

prevent smelly feet

new shoes or sneakers, with liquor injected into the foam pad can absorb up to, then dry to wear, is not smelly feet.
Cabo or glass, add a little white wine, it will be clean and bright….
In addition to cooking more fat meat or fish, add some white wine, make the dishes taste delicious and not greasy. 112199887121121998231111219982387 In addition to fat.

Consumers bitter

cut fish when breaking the gallbladder, and immediately wipe the bile at the place of a little white wine, and then rinse with cold water to eliminate bitterness.

Acetic acid, as vinegar Tim Hong

cooking dishes, if too much vinegar, as long as the wine down to the wine, you can reduce sourness.
In addition, vinegar, add a little liquor, then mixed with a little salt stirring, can make the vinegar to add flavor, but not easy to bad.
Soy sauce, put a little liquor, soy sauce to prevent hair.
Soy sauce into a little white wine can be mildew, especially after the opening of the soy sauce is not the most suitable for this method.

processing poultry slaughter of chickens, ducks and other poultry before, first filling a tablespoon of white wine, half an hour after the killing, is not only easy ham net hair and skin will be intact.

prevent infestation

beans beans after a plastic bag or container, stir spray little white wine, and then tied up the bag or reclosable container mouth to prevent infestation.

rapid thaw the fish

sprinkle some low spirits in the frozen fish, and then back into the refrigerator, the fish will soon thaw, the water droplets and does not smell.

increase in baking speed

not initiated by a surface pit and then pour a little white wine, cover with a damp cloth for 10 minutes, can be made up.

extend the survival time of live fish

live in the mouth a few drops of white wine, put back in the water, placed in a dark and breathable place, even in the summer, but also live 3 to 5 days.
Let fried peanuts more crisp

will be fried peanuts Sheng into the plate, sprinkle a little while hot, can not keep peanuts crisp resurgence.
Stewed beef and mutton with a little liquor, not only can eliminate the smell of mutton, but also make the meat delicious, and easy to burn.