Life tips a basket

Use of toothpaste: If a small area of ​​skin damage or burns, burns, cast a little toothpaste, can immediately stop the pain, but also to prevent infection, the effect is quite good.

Clever addition Shachuang greasy: can be washing powder, smoking the rest of the cigarette butts together in the water, to be dissolved, the use of Cabo, window screens, the effect is good.

The shrimp into the bowl, add a little salt, edible soda powder, rub with a hand for a while after soaking with water, and then washed with water, so that speculation shrimp can be transparent, such as crystal, Shuangnen delicious.

And dumplings surface tips: 1 kg of flour mixed with 6 egg white, so that the surface protein increase, the package of dumplings will soon after the protein coagulation shrinkage, dumplings after the pot water quickly, not easy to stick.

The residual tea leaves immersed in water a few days later, pouring in the plant roots, can promote plant growth; the residual tea leaves dried, into the toilet or ditch in the burning, can eliminate the stench, with the eradication of mosquitoes and flies function.

Cooked rice re-cooking method: If the rice is cooked, can use some chopsticks in the rice bar through the bottom of the hole, sprinkle a little rice wine re-stew, if only the surface sandwich, as long as the surface to the middle and then simmered.

If you must cook vegetables, boiled, boiled vegetables is best to make good use of water.
Such as dumplings to do dishes, Zhuo good amount of water can be placed in the meat, so that the preservation of nutrition, but also to make dumplings taste delicious soup.

Fried egg tips: the eggs into the bowl, add a little warm water, stir well, into the pan fried, fried to the pot when a little drop of wine, so fried the eggs fluffy, fresh and delicious.

How to use the casserole 1: The new bought casserole for the first time, it is best used to porridge, or use it to cook a thick boiled rice water to plug the fine pores of the casserole to prevent water seepage.

With the use of cinnamon, savory and delicious; bacon smoked chicken with cloves, aftertastes endless. The use of dried tangerine peel,

And dumplings surface tips: a little hard to the surface and the point, and after a good seal on the pot tightly sealed, 饧 10-15 minutes, and so on glutinous protein in the water swelling, the formation of gluten and then fully dumplings.

Coriander is an umbelliferous plant, rich in essential oils, aroma, but essential oils volatile, and can not withstand prolonged heating, parsley is best to eat before eating to retain its aroma.

When performing high-temperature washing or drying procedures, do not touch the door glass, so as not to burn.
Take out the drying clothes, be careful clothing on the metal parts, such as zippers, buttons, so as not to burn.

If the collar and cuffs dirty, can be the first clothes into the detergent dissolved in warm water soak for 15-20 minutes, then the normal washing, you can wash clean.

How to use the casserole: A casserole soup, stew, the first casserole in the water, then put the casserole on the fire, first with a slow fire, then stir.

Cooking vegetables, add a little starch, starch, thick soup will not only make the cooking of delicious vegetables, but also because of starch containing glutathione, the vitamin has a protective effect.

If the rice burned, and quickly turn off the fire, put a piece of bread crust above the rice, cover the lid, 5 minutes later, the crust can be paste flavor absorption.

Washing powder dosage: If the clothes are not too dirty or too much foam washing, it will reduce the amount of detergent.
Avoid excessive use of washing powder, not only save money and protect the environment, can make washing machine more durable.

Dumplings to add enough water until the water to open after adding 2% salt, dissolved and then under the dumplings, gluten can increase the toughness, dumplings will not sticky skin, sticky end, dumplings will turn white color, Tang Qing dumplings

Many people love to eat vegetables but do not drink soup, in fact, when cooking, most of the vitamins have been dissolved in the vegetable soup.
Such as cabbage fried, there will be 70% of the dissolved vitamin C in the soup.

If the white socks yellow, wash solution can be soaked for 30 minutes before washing.

How to use the casserole: from the top of the fire under the casserole, be sure to put on dry wood or straw mats, do not cut on the tile or concrete floor.

When cooking meat dishes, add a drink, add a little vinegar, the food will become fragrant.
Vegetables such as bean sprouts, the appropriate add a little vinegar, tasty or nutritious, because the vinegar has a protective effect on vitamins.

Bread can eliminate the oil stains clothes: meal, clothes stained with oil if the trace can be lightly rubbed with fresh white bread, oil trace can be eliminated.

With residual tea scrub wood, bamboo tables and chairs, can make it more smooth.
Residual tea leaves dried, spread in the wet place, to the tide; residual tea after drying, but also into the pillowcase as a pillow, very soft.

Dumplings cooked, first with the fence to remove the dumplings, then dip into the warm boiling water rinse about, and then transfer to a plate, dumplings will not stick with each other.

Fried shrimp tips: fried shrimp before shrimp can be soaked with cinnamon boiling water, then fried, so fried shrimp out, the taste is more delicious.

Vegetables are fried as far as possible to eat now, to avoid prolonged heat and repeated heating.
In addition, in order to make the stems easy to cooked, can be added after a little fried in the fast fried cooked.

Bread can eliminate carpet stains: home if a small piece of carpet dirty, hot bread dregs can be wiped, and then hung in the shade, 24 hours after the stain can be in addition to the net.

Men’s shaving, the use of toothpaste instead of soap, toothpaste does not contain free base, not only for skin irritation, and the bubble-rich, fragrant smell, people have a sense of cool and refreshing.

Essential balm: in the electric fan leaves sprinkled with a few drops of essential balm, with the leaves of the non-stop rotation, can make the room full of fragrance, but also drive the effectiveness of mosquitoes.

Brush the paint, the first in the hands wipe layer cream, brush the paint after the cream applied to the skin stained with paint, wipe with a dry cloth, then soap cleaning, can be attached to the paint on the skin removed.

Tofu usually have an brine flavor.
Tofu before the pot, if the first soak in boiling water for more than 10 minutes, you can remove the brine taste, so tofu is not only a good taste, and delicious sweet.

Boiled eggs, the eggs can be soaked in cold water for a while, and then into the hot water to cook, so cooked egg shell is not broken, and easy to peel.

Watch by the magnetic, will affect the travel time and accurate.
Elimination method is very simple, just to find a magnetic ring is not, the table on the ring, and slowly wear to wear, a few minutes later, the watch will demagnetization recovery.

Tofu side of the cold, usually cold stomach who, such as edible tofu chest tightness, nausea and other phenomena, it is unfit for human consumption; easy diarrhea, abdominal distension and spleen who should not eat tofu.

Toothpaste is also a cleansing function! Bath with toothpaste instead of bath soap rubbing body decontamination, both obvious cleansing function, but also make the bath after the whole body cool, but also the role of prevention of prickly heat.
Cooking with a microwave oven, the first to use raw materials soaked sauce.
This is because the microwave cooking process is fast, if not infiltration through the difficult to tasty, and onions, ginger, garlic and other aroma effect is difficult to play.

Grape juice delivery service antihypertensive effect! Grape juice instead of drinking water to send antihypertensive drugs, can make blood pressure was stable, and will not appear high and low blood pressure phenomenon.

Cooking should not use raw water.
Because the water contains chlorine, in the cooking process, it will destroy the food contained in the vitamin B1, if boiled with water, vitamin B1 can be lost.

Cutting block chopping tips: buy a new chopping board, the upper and lower sides of the chopping board and coated with cooking oil until the oil dry and then coated, painted three or four times, you can use the oil dry, so chopping board will be durable.
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Essence of balm: a bath, add a few drops of essential balm in the water, the bath will have whole body cool and comfortable feeling, as well as prevention and treatment of prickly heat, anti-mosquito bites, eliminate the role of sweat.

Fried bread pieces, the first piece of bread in cold water dip, and then wok frying, so fried steamed buns yellow and crisp, both delicious and fuel-efficient.
Cooking or soup, if the salty, and can take a clean potato in half cut into the soup and cook for a few minutes, so that soup can be faded by the salt.
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Soothing eye fatigue Tip: soak medicinal millet grass or chrysanthemum, and then soak a towel, apply to the eye 10 to 15 minutes, can effectively relieve eye fatigue.
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Summer hot weather, who is easy to long prickly heat, long warm water can be used to wash parts of the prickly heat, rubbed a layer of toothpaste, prickly heat soon disappear.

Indoor toilets even clean and then clean, and often leave an odor, as long as the toilet placed in a small cup of balsamic vinegar, the smell will disappear.
It is valid for six or seven days and can be changed once a week.

If the rice with Chen meters, Amoy meters, you can add water to the rice at the same time, add 1/4 or 1/5 of beer, so steamed rice sweet, and shiny, like the same as the new rice.

Boiled dumplings, dumpling skin and filling the water-soluble nutrients in addition to a small part of the loss of heat, the majority are dissolved in the soup, so the best dumplings to drink soup.

Hot blisters hands can cure migraine.
The hands immersed in hot water, the amount of water to soak the wrist is appropriate, and continue to heat the water to keep the water temperature.
Half an hour later, the pain can be reduced, or even completely disappear.

Because fresh lily contains colchicine toxic substances, after eating can cause nausea, diarrhea and so on.
And after processing of dried lily has colchicine dissolution, edible is not poisoned.

The magic of balm: in the light of the mosquito coils on the sprinkle a few drops of essential balm, mosquito coils out of the smoke will not choke, and fragrance of nostrils, insect repellent effect will be better.

Put a few slices of lemon peel and orange peel, or a few drops of vinegar in the dishwashing water, to eliminate the odor on dishes and other dishes.
At the same time, it can soften hard water, while increasing the luster of porcelain.

A small area of ​​skin abrasions will lead to local swelling, then can be painted some toothpaste in the wound, not only has pain, bleeding, reduce swelling effect, as well as to prevent the role of purulent wound.

Barbecue tips: barbecue, you can put in the oven a container of water, because the water in the vessel with the oven temperature can be turned into water vapor, to prevent barbecue charcoal.

Cleansing octopus: octopus body smell and greasy larger, difficult to wash with water, the octopus can be placed in alkaline water first soak, and then washed with water, it will be easy to clean, and no smell.

Mustard boiled water can lower blood pressure.
80 grams of mustard in the foot basin, add a half pot of water stir well, with the fire to boil, cooler after the feet.
1 day sooner or later, 1 day after the blood pressure can be reduced.

Boiled pork ribs when you put some vinegar, ribs in the calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals dissolved out, conducive to absorption, higher nutritional value.
In addition, vinegar can also prevent the destruction of vitamins in food.

Clever stripping garlic skin: the garlic with warm water 3-5 minutes remove, hand rub, garlic skin can fall off.
For a good stripping a lot of garlic, garlic stalls can be on the board, with a knife to gently take off the garlic.

Mosquito incense regularly extinguished method: with an iron clip, when used in the mosquito coils in the required length, when the mosquito coils burn iron folder folder, it will extinguish, neither affect sleep, but also save mosquito coils.

Bread and cookies should not be stored together.
Surface contains more water, biscuits generally are dry and brittle, if both stored together, it will make the hard bread, biscuits will be lost due to damp crisp feeling.

Baked sweet and sour fish and other vinegar to put the dishes, it is best when the pot will be put in the vinegar again, so that vinegar can be fully maintained, if put too early, vinegar will be evaporated in the cooking process leaving vinegar
Taste greatly reduced.

Pears can be sunscreen! Eat pears can make the skin to maintain flexibility, can not afford to wrinkles.
Pear is rich in vitamin E, exposure to sunlight can play a protective role.
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All kinds of hair dye at room temperature or hot weather, will lose part of the function or change the color.
If placed in the refrigerator to save, long-term to maintain its original function, will not degenerate.

Frozen food thaw method 1: Meat: suitable for natural thawing at room temperature, thawing in the water will make nutrient loss; poultry: should be thawed in water, but not to the internal organs of the best thawing at room temperature.

Color TV can not be grounded, if the ground wire, once the power plug is reversed, the machine will make the ground wire and the power of the FireWire connected to make the rack and other components live, so there is the risk of electric shock.

Sticky paper, tape magic: stickers or tape on the wall, if blunt to expose, will damage the object, you can use the steam iron to iron, you can easily thrown off.

Shoes mildew removal method: shoes put a long time moldy, the available soft cloth dipped in alcohol and water (1: 1) solution to wipe, and then placed in a ventilated place to dry.
On the moldy bag can also be so handled.

Clever meat: the meat will be done to fill the frozen meat, to be completely frozen after the removal, rubbing the meat with a clean board, it is easy to wipe the meat into thin strips, then, just a few can be cut with a knife
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Folded ID card recovery method: the ID card on the table, covered with a layer of paper, iron paper with iron (the temperature is not too high), ironing and ironing the other side, you can make it flat as ever.
With hair dryer to the appropriate distance from the patient shoulder with hot air blowing about 10 minutes, twice a day, 3 weeks can be more.
If the first rub in patients with shoulder wine and then blowing, the better.
When you cook meat, if you want to make the soup taste delicious, you should put the meat into cold water to cook slowly; if you want to make the meat delicious, you should put the meat in hot water to cook.
How to clean the gem ring? Can be used in a mixture of magnesium oxide and ammonia water, or toilet water, glycerin in the wet, scrub stones and frame, and then polished with flannel can be.
Asparagus can reduce weight! Asparagus can improve the body’s basic metabolism, promote the consumption of calories in the human body, and have a strong ability to dehydrate, so eat more fresh asparagus can become slim.
How to make the candle is not “tear” Birthday candles with the refrigerator before the first freeze into the freezer for 24 hours, and then inserted into the cake, lit after the candle oil flow down and dirty the cake.
Summer turtle easy to mosquito bites and death, but if the soft-shelled turtle kept in the refrigerator fruit box, can prevent mosquito bites, but also extend the survival time of soft-shelled turtle.