Life in a variety of wrong posture

life various errors posture

a lot of friends around the body there have been some problems.
Many of my friends suffered a lot because of diseases caused by incorrect posture or lumbar disc herniation lumbar muscle strain and other diseases.
So what do we do?

one mention shopping bags bad posture: overload shoulder, hand weights, muscle tension can cause fatigue and blood circulation.
Improvement measures: the object is dispersed; with a pulley with the bag.

Second, poor posture call: The phone is a long time between the neck and shoulders, or holding a phone, can lead to arm and shoulder pain and numbness Jingbo.

improvement measures: the use of headphones or hands-free.
Handyphone should shoulders relaxed, head and neck erect, do not force cigarettes store grip microphone, at least 10 minutes for Hand.

Third, poor posture when cooking: Station waist high or too low can lead to increased pressure, strain Jingbo, shoulders and lower back muscles.

improvement measures: feet shoulder width standing, naturally drooping shoulders, elbows bent 90 degrees, to the cooking station is slightly lower than in the hands, or you can add a footstool.

Fourth, the journey bad posture: when sitting transport, people like collapsed in the chair.
This can lead to back muscle tension, shortness of breath and chest and.
Sustained for several hours does not move, will increase the risk of thrombosis.
Improvements: sit, legs cross, feet flat, spine upright….
Waist can be a small pillow pad, knees below the buttocks.
At least 1 hour to get up and activities for a while.