Kitchen utensils clean small coup

clean kitchen, less or no toxic detergent, here are a few environmentally friendly cleaning method:

UNM Clothing

salt with a finger dipped in a small amount of salt and gently rub mill attached to the cup of tea scale, so you can simply
remove tea scale.

two spoonfuls of vinegar to vinegar mixed with 200 ml of warm water, then pour on the cutting board has paved kitchen towel, stand for 15 minutes, cutting board black dirt and odors will disappear and clean, as well as the sterilization effect.
If you use a sponge or loofahs dipped the aforementioned mixed liquid cleaning stainless steel console, it can reproduce the original luster.

peel deal with kettles and pans (except aluminum) in the adhesion of black dirt, can be pushed through one or two of lemon slices on the pot, turn on the water to place overshadowed black dirt, then simmer for 15 minutes
, you can remove the black dirt.
Aluminum pots you can use apple, such as law & ldquo; bubble & rdquo; system.

sodium bicarbonate (also known as & ldquo; baking soda & rdquo;) If you want to deal with stubborn grease on the stove, just sprinkle baking soda on the stove, wipe with a cloth.
Charred pot (aluminum NA, will change color) into the water and two teaspoons of baking soda, and then close the fire, and soon, coke scars will float, as long as the rest of the brush gently swipe
on it.
If with 500 ml of water and baking soda 30 grams, made of soda, you can readily do the cleaning work.
Just with a cloth moistened then wring dry, you can wipe the dirt stove, oven surface.

kitchen grease cleaning tips

1, clear the ground of oil

pour a little vinegar rubbed onto the mop, you can remove the surface oil.
If the concrete floor is difficult to remove the oil, in the night before to get some dry ash with water into a paste, and then repeatedly washed with water, cement floor can look.

2, remove stove oil

liquefied petroleum gas stove after oil stains, use sticky rice coated on the stove, to be dried rice with iron sheet scuffing, oil will be removed along with the soup.
As with the more dilute rice soup, soup direct cleaning, washing or mullet bone, with good results.

3, clear glass oil

available alkaline cleanser, and then wipe sodium hydroxide or dilute ammonia solution was coated on a glass, half an hour after the scrub with a cloth, the glass will become clean and bright.

4, clear oil

screens can be with a broom to sweep the surface of the dust, and then 15 g fine clean 500 ml of water, stir with a cloth both sides were wiped, you can remove greasy.
Or add a small amount of milk in the detergent solution, and wash out the screens will be good as new.

5, remove furniture oil

adding the right amount of vinegar in water, then wipe the oil can be removed.
Or bleach solution soak for a while and then wipe decontamination effect is good.