Kitchen toxic cockroach coup

fear most is the kitchen cockroach dragonfly rampant.
But if you take a hard spray pesticides, fear will pay on the pots and pans, and if eaten indirectly into the body, it may be unfavorable.

fact Miezhang not necessarily rely on pesticides, we can also use detergent.
The detergent diluted with water, with a damp cloth, wipe the cockroaches may haunt Because cockroaches detergent will block pores, causing suffocation cockroaches, cockroach therefore also be used as grams of magic.

family except cockroaches approach: 1.

syrup bottle catch cockroaches take 1 to 2 cans bottles, put 3 spoons of sugar water, add half a bowl of boiling water turned red bait, put the bottle cockroach activity place, cockroaches smell sweet
after taste, it will climb into canned & ldquo; trap & rdquo; .

2. tung oil catch cockroaches to buy 100 to 150 grams of tung oil, heating boiled viscous gel, applied to a 15 cm square of wood or cardboard around, put the middle
greasy food as bait with scented, other food stamp, not to steal. when cockroach foraging, as long as there is tung oil climbed to a place, you can be stuck with bait to kill cockroaches .

3. borax, flour
each one, a little sugar, and mix thoroughly bait pellets made of a grain of rice, sprinkle cockroach infested place, namely poisoned after eating cockroaches, but be sure to pay attention to safety.

4. Fresh cucumber drive cockroaches can put fresh cucumber on the food cupboard, cockroaches will not close cupboard. Fresh cucumber put two or three days, cut it to make it continue to disseminate cucumber flavor, get rid of cockroaches.

peach leaf new drive cockroaches picked peach, put in the cockroach often no place, cockroaches smell the peach odor would stay away .

6. onions drive cockroaches if you put one in the room
chopped onions, cockroaches smell the smell immediately fled, but can also slow down other indoor food spoilage. the above is in addition to cockroaches, which are in addition to cockroach eggs.
First, scalded with boiling water; second is to use fire; third is to use hot spray — which is to use a pressure cooker to boil water, and then open the valve, the alignment cockroaches frequented locations with hot spray.
Also the most critical, is to start from the environment, periodic cleaning houses.