Insomnia to hang “insomnia curtains”

Insomnia is a sub-health performance, often plaguing the sub-healthy population.
But in fact, the correct selection and installation of curtains can help to get a good sleep.

From the texture, if you want a privacy or isolation of light space, you can choose high-density fabric or silver coating of the fabric.
The advantages are obvious: to prevent deterioration of the fabric due to the sun and prolong life; increase the weight of the curtain to make it good stability; shading to bring the dark environment helps to quickly enter the sleep.
If you want to get a strong blocking effect, can also choose with a curtain of sandwich.
If you want to put some light or only as a decoration, the best choice for a little thin, easy to clean.
Silk, velvet and other materials can be demonstrated “formal” style, but its only dry cleaning, cleaning up more trouble, man-made fiber blended fabrics and cotton satin is suitable for washing.
In addition, cotton, wool blended fabric can bring elegant and clean feeling.
From the width, the appropriate width to prevent the light from the edge of the curtains through the gap in the past.. ?? …. ?? ..
The overall width of the curtain fabric at this time should be 2-2.5 times the width of the window.
If you are just going to decorate, and do not need to pull the curtain, then the width of the window curtains can be 1.5 times.
From the installation location, according to different needs, there are two options, the curtains installed in the window frame at the top 10-15 cm, this method can be manufactured “windows relatively high” illusion, but not too high,
So as not to appear unexpected.
Another method is the curtains on both sides of the window frame to exceed 15 cm or so, and the best choice U-shaped curtain rod, can effectively block the dead, wind block light, and open the curtains, it will shoot more sunlight, the window
Will appear larger, too.