In fact, boiling water bowl is not disinfected

Now, many people go out to restaurants, especially small restaurants to eat, like before dinner with hot water bowl, so that you can sterilization.
For tableware, the high-temperature boiling is indeed the most common way of disinfection, a lot of bacteria can kill the way through high-temperature sterilization.
However, high-temperature sterilization to really achieve the effect must have two conditions, one is the role of temperature, the other is the role of time.
Intestinal infectious diseases, many types of micro-organisms, often caused by acute diarrhea bacteria have pathogenic E. coli, Salmonella, Chi Cigar Store Heharia bacteria, Vibrio cholerae, Bacillus cereus and so on.
Most of these bacteria to 100 ℃ high temperature effect 1 – m 3 minutes or 80 ℃ heating 10 minutes to death, the heating temperature is 56 ℃, 30 minutes after heating, these bacteria can survive.
In addition, some bacteria have a stronger resistance to high fever, such as anthrax spores, wax-like spores.
So before dinner with hot water bowl, due to the role of temperature and the role of time, can only kill a very small number of microorganisms, and can not guarantee the killing of most pathogenic microorganisms.
To achieve the effect of boiling, circulation steam or use of infrared disinfection cupboards are optional methods.
If you use boiling, in order to be truly disinfected, be sure to cook for a while, with the general to keep the infrared disinfection cupboard 15 – 30 minutes.