Identification of small coup true and false diamonds

authenticity of diamonds to identify small coup

new marriage will be selected for their own diamond wedding ring, because it will be the best witness of love.
However, in the selection of diamond wedding ring when the couple in addition to pay attention to fine style, but also understand the diamond itself.
If you accidentally bought a fake diamond, presumably no one will be happy.
So how to identify the true and false diamonds? Baotou wedding photography below to give you a few simple and genuine diamonds to identify the small coup.
Naked eye observation is the most basic method of identifying genuine and fake diamonds, in general, diamonds have a higher refractive index, and the higher the refractive index of diamonds, the light of the reflection force is stronger, the relative degree of transparency.
Will be lower.
Therefore, the new diamond ring in the purchase, you can prepare in advance a picture of a straight line of paper, the diamond to be measured face down in a straight line from the back of the diamond directly to the naked eye to see if you can see the pressure in the diamond
Under the line, it is certainly not a natural diamond.
In addition to observation with the naked eye, we can also identify the true and false by the sense of touch of diamonds.???????????????
Because diamonds have a high thermal conductivity characteristics, so we can see under the diamond there is no temperature.
As long as the diamond close to the arm or face, to see if there can be a little warm feeling.
If it is false imitation will not have the kind of real diamond heat transfer effect, but will be cool feeling.

lipophilic method

new nude in the purchase, you can touch the surface of the diamond to see if there is viscosity.
Because diamonds have an oil-absorbing property for fats, counterfeit diamonds do not.
Newcomers can rub the diamond surface with the thumb, if the thumb will feel a sticky feeling, not easy to slide, it is a real diamond, and if the thumb has a slippery feel was false diamond.

breath test

new in the purchase of diamonds, you can also call the surface of the diamond breath, in order to identify diamonds.
Natural diamonds, good heat transfer capacity, hot air quickly, as long as the test diamonds near the mouth gently gas, so that the diamond surface covered with a layer of mist, and then observe the evaporation of the mist.
If it is really diamonds, the fog will soon be dispersed, otherwise the fog will remain on the diamond for a while to disperse.