Hulk how to support

Alias: Hulk White Hands, large white palms….
Genus: Araceae Branch of.

Features: stems short sturdy, plant height of up to 1 m or so.
Oval-shaped leaves large dark green light, to the flowering crystal white large flower buds stand on top of the green leaves, like a white palm.
The late spring and early summer flowering, the flowering period can last about 30 days.
Native tropical rain forest.
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habits: shade and more humid environment in the growth of lush plants robust.
Leaf hypertrophy, root system developed, there is a strong ability to absorb water absorption.
So in the cultivation of water and fertilizer supply must be sufficient.

Breeding: Green Giant sprout strong, root system and developed, should be replaced every year or every other year 1 basin.
Huanpen season should be in early spring.
Combined with Huanpen, the over-dense plants for ramet breeding.

Mang support: planting is necessary to choose when rich in organic matter, water and fertilizer to maintain fertility and fertile soil.
Can be used to moth leaf soil, peat soil, river sand, perlite mixed into nutritious soil preparation, planting and then into the bone meal, cake and other organic fertilizer as a base fertilizer to meet the nutritional needs of growth.
Potted pots should also be used deep-pot flower pots, so that thick roots in which stretch growth.
In order to make the plant robust development, the leaf growth is huge, during the growth period must ensure that adequate nutrient supply.
Generally about 15 days to be topdressing thin cake fertilizer, and pay attention to the addition of plant ash and other potash fertilizer, if the long-term indoor conservation, the best compound fertilizer.
Or to the foliage spraying 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution, so that the leaves wide and bright.
But do not over-fertilization, otherwise it will cause leaf yellow, rotten and other fertilizer damage.
Hulk in addition to hi fat, but also hi wet.
In the vigorous growth period, due to its large leaves plump, leaf water transpiration consumption is large, a little water shortage will appear wilting leaves.
So basin water should be adequate, the amount of water in order to ensure Pentu wet but not water for the degree.
Summer and dry season in addition to the need to keep basin soil moist, the need to maximize air humidity, increase the foliar spray, and more to the ground watering, maintaining a moist environment for its growth is very favorable.
Value: quite southern style, ideal for the decoration Jiapin, watch the effect of the better…..