How to use an electric blanket

When people use electric blanket, even if the insulation resistance fully qualified products, there will be induced voltage on the human body.
The current is small, but the frail elderly or heart disease, infants and young children are potentially dangerous, pregnant women, electric blankets may also lead to fetal malformations.
Stroke patients, especially the elderly, because of their skin feel more sensitive to hot and cold, electric blanket overheating, easy to cause harm to the body.
The use of electric blankets in winter to note the following:….. 1….
Electric blanket not directly in contact with the human body.
Above a blanket or sheets.
Can not be folded to use, or easy to burn the insulation blanket surface, a fire accident.

The blanket can not be used on metal objects or hard objects with sharp protrusions.

Electric blanket when not in use must cut off the power, to prevent accidents.

To avoid repeated folding at the same location to prevent the electric wire due to folding and fracture, causing a fire.
As a result of long-term use and “not hot” phenomenon, should be sent to the factory repair.

Power time should not be too long, usually before going to bed heating, sleep when you turn off the power, in any case can not be used overnight.

Regular use of electric blankets, should be appropriate to increase drinking water.