How to remove the fridge on the smell

How to remove the fridge on the refrigerator

refrigerator with a period of time, which will produce odor, and very stubborn, with a variety of methods, the taste or not go.
This is not a taste can be removed, but if you use the method described below every day using the refrigerator, after a period of time you will find the smell of the refrigerator has disappeared.

Let us first understand the source of the smell of the refrigerator.
Refrigerator sealing effect is very good, so no matter what the smell will be boring to the refrigerator can not be distributed out of time to become unpleasant smelly, especially the food between the taste of each other, leaving this situation worse

so that the problem is to solve the taste of the first step in the refrigerator deodorant.
How to deodorant it, in fact, very simple is: to do a good job sealing.
Common sealing means are: cling film, plastic bags, crisper, bottles and so on.
All food should be sealed before putting it in the refrigerator.
Of course, eggs, beverages, fruits, etc. can be an exception.

We can also man-made to the refrigerator a little scent.
Do not recommend you buy a refrigerator deodorant.
( the best effect of natural fragrance.
For example, orange peel, grapefruit skin and so on.
Especially grapefruit skin, put in, and can play a big role, who knows who.
I remember in time to the refrigerator in the “stinky source” out of the metamorphic things quickly come up, save the smell stubborn lingering….
Some friends like to use the adsorption of activated carbon in the refrigerator odor, but be sure to note that the use of activated carbon after a week must be Cigars brand into the sun for a few hours, otherwise there would be no effect.
In addition, the use of waste tea, expired coffee and other effects instead of activated carbon is also good.