How to remove dirt pans

pot with dirt Qiao clear

kitchen pot is dirty, clean-up is necessary and timely, so as to ensure food hygiene.
Pots and pans to clean up different approaches are different, the following triple read Xiaobian for everyone finishing some practical small coup.

1, wok wok

easier to produce musty, we can take the leftover tea bag in addition to mold.
First in the wok inside and outside are evenly coated with some salad and then wok directly over the fire heated pan and then into a dry tea bag, so you can remove mildew phenomenon.
If there is rust

pot, wok Riga in some water, put some fresh chives to the pan with a shovel while warming will wipe leek pressure in the wok pot, you can remove rust.

2, aluminum pan

aluminum pan with a long time will be black dirt, we can use fruits and vegetables to deal with black dirt, like lemon, onion, cucumber, apple, tomato, potato skins, etc. have a certain effect.
Such as water and apple together in an aluminum pot, black dirt is easier to clean up.
If burned aluminum pan, you can put some water onion and cook, also have a certain effect.


stainless steel pot stainless steel pot is also very prone to black dirt, and not easy to clean, if the pot is inside the black dirt, we can be on Guo Lifang water, add a few slices of pineapple skin, the water should not over-black
scale location, open simmer twenty minutes, let cool and clean, black dirt can be removed.
If the pot is black dirt outside, it is necessary to prepare a larger pot, and the method as above, but with the pot into a big pot of black dirt on it.
Note: Stainless steel cutlery wooden handle or plastic handle should not be placed in boiling water, steam, or because the wooden handle plastic handle part will heat damage.

if there is a relatively small pot of yellow print can be used to wipe the toothpaste, the effect is very good.
Cleaning powder with a five-line, but there will be relatively coarse grinding marks.

4, bad cleaning the oil stained on

casserole casserole can be used to drink the leftover tea leaves on the surface of the casserole wipe a few times more, will be able to cigarettes store grease removal.
When dealing with other dirt, you can pour some of the rice in the pot soak, then heated, then put the pot brush brushing dirt, then washed with water wash.

5, when dealing with the pressure cooker pressure cooker

remaining dirt can be cut out of toothpaste, toothpaste retain the above, with direct toothpaste to clean the surface of the pressure cooker, and then together with water to rinse toothpaste and dirt.
Another aspect, apply a small amount of vinegar to the stain, so over a period of time after a wipe with a cloth detergent, then scrub and clean water.